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Denver is a city in the pre-War American state of Colorado, mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas and its add-on Lonesome Road.


Said to have become overrun with feral dogs[1] following the nuclear apocalypse, the only known human inhabitants were the Hangdogs, a tribe who inhabited the outskirts of the city that learned how to live with the dogs, treating them as their spirit animals and companions in the post-War wasteland.[2]

Between 2277 and 2281, Caesar's Legion came to the city during their conquest of the tribes of the former American Southwest, led by Legate Lanius. The Hangdogs initially put up resistance, even managing to last longer than most others before them. However, the Legate put an end to their resistance by having legionnaires capture and burn the tribe's dogs alive on pyres, crippling their morale as they feared the dogs' spirits were doomed to burn forever in the afterlife. Soon after, the Hangdogs surrendered, were assimilated and their culture wiped out, apart from their skill in training dogs, with many being made Legion houndmasters.[3]

Despite ultimately succeeding, the cost of the takeover of Denver was steep, however; Lanius lost many men to a combination of factors, including supply lines stretched to the breaking point, vicious dogs that killed many, and the complete lack of a human population from which to draw new recruits to restore his army's numbers.[4] Even with the Legion's grip on it, the city still remains dominated by feral dog packs which may include pre-War police cyberdogs,[5][6][7] while they continue to procure its best dogs to add to their forces.[1]


In December of 1930, plans for the Hoover Dam were drafted by members of the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Reclamation within the city.[8][9]


Denver is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas and its add-on Lonesome Road.

Behind the scenes[]

Denver is a real-world city of the same name, located in the state of Colorado.



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