Capt. Maxson was right. This place is death. I'm writing this so that if we don't make it back, someone, some day, might find out what happened to us.

Sergeant Dennis Allen[1] was a United States Army member originally serving under Captain Roger Maxson.


In 2077, Allen was amongst many soldiers in Mariposa to rebel against the United States government. However, during the Exodus from Mariposa to Lost Hills,[2] a faction led by Allen split from the other members, taking some technology and weapons with them. Other members of the team included Soto, Jensen, and Camarillo.[3]

After twenty days, they successfully made it to the West Tek research facility, but radiation levels began to rise as soon as the crater was in sight. They concluded that with their armor and Rad-X supplies they'd be fine for at least a day of exploring and that the technology they had the potential of recovering was worth it.

They climbed down the crater and explored the first two levels of the facility, unaware that the security sensors on these levels were destroyed. Upon entering the third level, the still-working sensors there triggered the security system and killed most of Allen's people. Allen tried to regroup, but only Soto and Camarillo made it back up to the first level with him. All three of them eventually died because of a power armor air filtration failure.[4] Before he died, Allen logged what happened to the expedition into a holodisk which was later found by the Vault Dweller.[5]

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Allen refers to himself as being a member of the United States Army, as well as calling Roger Maxson captain not elder, in his final log, suggesting he left before Maxson formally founded the Brotherhood.


Dennis Allen's remains appear only in Fallout.

Behind the scenes

Gametitle-FB.pngThe following is based on the Fallout Bible.

In the Fallout Bible, it is claimed that Allen and his men deserted from the Brotherhood in 2134, despite Cabbot stating it occurred in 2077.

Gametitle-FB.pngEnd of information based on the Fallout Bible.


  1. The first name is given only in the Fallout Bible timeline. In the game itself he is only referred to as "D. Allen".
  2. "Oh, well, in the Exodus, the Brotherhood split into two groups. The group that broke away robbed the others of some of the weapons an-and went southwest. About ten years ago, we sent out knights to look for them, but all they found was ruins. No one knows what happened." – CABBOT.MSG, line 1114
  3. The exact number of Allen's followers is not known
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  5. "I journeyed to this Brotherhood. Thinking they would have the knowledge I sought, I tried to join them. They required me to go on a quest before they would let me in. Thinking it would be a short and easy quest, I agreed and set off for the place they called the Glow. The horror of atomic war was never so obvious to me until then. The Brotherhood was surprised to see me, and even more surprised to see that I had not only survived their quest, but succeeded." – Vault Dweller's memoirs
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