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Demolition Expert is an Intelligence-based perk in Fallout 76.


The perk increases the damage dealt by all explosions by 20% with the first rank, with subsequent ranks each adding 10%, up to a maximum of 60% with rank five. It affects most thrown grenades, mines, explosive weapons and weapons with the Explosive legendary effect. However, it only affects the primary damage type of a weapon. For example, a grenade that deals two types of damage only has its primary damage increased. This also means the perk does not affect the damage of pulse mines and pulse grenades, as they only deal secondary energy damage.


Rank Description Form ID
1 Your explosives do +20% damage. 003440B0
2 Your explosives do +30% damage. 003440B3
3 Your explosives do +40% damage. 003440B4
4 Your explosives do +50% damage. 003440B5
5 Your explosives do +60% damage. 003440B6

Affected weapons

Weapons affected by this perk:
Auto grenade launcher Baseball grenade Bow Blast mine
Broadsider Bug grenade Bunker Buster Compound bow
Crossbow Cryo mine Cryogenic grenade Crushing Blow
Dynamite Dynamite bundle Fat Man Fragmentation grenade
Fragmentation grenade MIRV Fragmentation mine Gauss minigun Gauss pistol
Gauss rifle Gauss shotgun HalluciGen gas grenade Hellstorm missile launcher
M79 grenade launcher Missile launcher Molotov cocktail Nuka grenade
Nuka Quantum grenade Nuke mine Plasma grenade Plasma mine
Pumpkin grenade Quad launcher Fallout 76 unused content Smoke grenade Fallout 76 unused content The Guarantee

‡ With explosive arrows only


The perk needs to be equipped and active in order to craft certain types of explosives, as well as the laser tripwire.

Rank Unlocked item
1 Baseball grenade, fragmentation grenade, fragmentation mine, smoke grenade, flare, laser tripwire
2 Dynamite, Nuka grenade
3 Cryo mine, cryogenic grenade, dynamite bundle, floater flamer grenade, floater freezer grenade, floater gnasher grenade, fragmentation grenade MIRV, pulse grenade, pulse mine
4 Nuka Quantum grenade, plasma grenade, plasma mine
5 Mini nuke


Behind the scenes

  • Although the perk card art for Demolition Expert depicts remote explosives, these weapons are not available in the game.
  • Prior to Fallout 76 patch, the damage bonuses provided by each rank of the Demolition Expert perk were +20%/40%/60%/80%/100%, but afterwards were reduced to +20%/30%/40%/50%/60% to match other weapon perk damage bonuses.

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