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With each rank of this perk, all of your explosive weapons do an additional 20% damage.— In-game description

Demolition Expert is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


Each rank of this perk increases damage dealt with all weapons governed by the Explosives skill by twenty percent, up to a maximum of sixty percent.

Weapons affected by this perk:
25mm grenade APW Gun Runners' Arsenal Annabelle Bottlecap mine C-4 plastic explosive
Demolition charge Dead Money Detonator Dynamite Esther Gun Runners' Arsenal
Fat Man Fat Man Gun Runners' Arsenal Fat mine Gun Runners' Arsenal Fire bomb Honest Hearts
Flash bang Lonesome Road (add-on) Frag grenade Frag mine Gas bomb Dead Money
Gas grenade Great Bear grenade rifle Lonesome Road (add-on) Grenade launcher Grenade machinegun
Grenade rifle Holy Frag Grenade Wild Wasteland Incendiary grenade Long-fuse dynamite
Mercenary's grenade rifle Mercy MFC cluster Gun Runners' Arsenal MFC grenade Gun Runners' Arsenal
Mining detonator Honest Hearts Missile launcher Nuka-grenade Plasma grenade
Plasma mine Powder charge Pulse grenade Pulse mine
Red Glare Lonesome Road (add-on) Red Victory grenade rifle Lonesome Road (add-on) Satchel charge Lonesome Road (add-on) Thump-Thump
Time bomb Time bomb, high yield Gun Runners' Arsenal Tin grenade Gun Runners' Arsenal

In theory, the perk would also affect the G-28 grenade launching system and M-235 missile launcher, but those weapons are unavailable to the Courier. Likewise, it would have affected the meat mine, Nellis Munition Shell, and stun grenade, all of which are weapons cut from the game.


  • The damage bonus only affects the actual explosive part of the weapon's damage, not the physical impact.
  • Prior to patch, the perk only applied to weapons listed in a specific Form List, which contained a few omissions. The patch subsequently changed the perk to affect all weapons governed by the Explosives skill, including unique ones and weapons from the add-ons.