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The PROBLEM is, I can't just go out and buy some new ones, I have to requisition them from Vault City. That means filling out five billion lists, submitting them in triplicate, then WAITING.Valerie

Deliver pliers (tools) and a wrench to Valerie is a quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Deliver pliers (tools) and a wrench to Valerie
Speak with Valerie.
Bring her tools and a wrench.
Reward: 250 XP, $50
Return to Valerie tomorrow.
Reward: super tool kit

Detailed walkthrough

Valerie is located in Vault City proper, in the maintenance building west from the Amenities Office. If you ask her what's wrong, she tells you that she needs a pair of pliers and a wrench.

Getting pliers

  • The tool is rather common and can be found all over Klamath and the Den. You can even buy one from a shop in Vault City.
  • Can be found inside Vault 8 on the second level, in the storage room alongside a wrench.

Getting a wrench

Wrenches can be a bit harder to come by. Here are some options:

  • Curtis can tell you where one can be found after completing the Find Mr. Nixon quest.
  • You can find one on the second level of Vault 8 (Vault City's vault), in the storage room (The door that's right next to a vent that has :rattle: coming from it). NOTE: to enter the vault, you must be a citizen of Vault City (or walk past the guards in combat mode). You also need a high lockpick skill. The grey footlocker is hidden in the top left corner of that room.
  • You can find another one in Redding, at the Morningstar Mining headquarters, in a locker.
  • You can find another one in New Reno, in a basement under New Reno Arms.
  • Occasionally the general purpose store in San Francisco has them in stock.
  • You can steal one from the Vertibird mechanic in Navarro.


Once you have both the wrench and tools, return to Valerie. She thanks you grudgingly, then asks you to come see her the next day. In that time, her original order for a super tool kit arrives... and so does an excess of four more. She gives one to you quite readily, ranting about the ineptitude of the city's logistical personnel.

NOTE: The super tool kit (well, five of them, really, but she keeps the other four for herself, unless you steal them) arrives a day after you deliver the wrench and pliers, so you'll have to wait a day before getting it from her.

In addition, if Vic and Val have had their argument, and you have completed this quest, you can ask her to give Vic a chance for 250 further experience points.

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