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I need you to go immediately to New California Republic and find Counselor Westin, Roger Westin. Give him the holo disk. That should insure that no more "raiders" get hired.Joanne Lynette

Deliver Lynette's holodisk to Westin in NCR is a quest in Fallout 2 obtained from Joanne Lynette in Vault City.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Deliver Lynette's holodisk to Westin in NCR
Complete Stop Bishop's raider band from attacking Vault City and retrieve Bishop's holodisk.
Speak to Joanne Lynette.
Go to Westin Ranch and give Lynette holodisk to Roger Westin.
Reward: 2000 XP
Next Quest: Deliver Westin's holodisk to Lynette in Vault City

Detailed walkthrough

This quest is triggered only after wiping the raider settlement and bringing the Mr. Bishop's account book to Lynette. The Chosen One then needs to bring Lynette also Bishop's holodisk (or have it already in inventory when bringing the Bishop's account book, but this results in 1000 less XP reward probably due to bug as 1000xp for bringing account book is not given).

Bishop's holodisk is in his bedroom safe in New Reno, located in the wall of the northern most room on the top floor of the Shark Club. The safe has to be disarmed with the Traps skill, and then lock picked. Failing to disarm the trap will set it off, it will also be set off by lock picking it before disarming it, a guard will attack and turn the whole Shark Club hostile, which disrupts all quests that require talking with Mr. Bishop. Approach Joanne and hand over both pieces of evidence.

Joanne will ask the Chosen One to deliver her holodisk to Roger Westin in NCR Town and mark the location on the Pip-Boy 2000 map, if it wasn't there before.

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