Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout cut content.

Deliver Locket for Romero is a side quest cut from the final version of Fallout.


After Become a Blade had been completed, Romero would have asked the Vault Dweller for a favor,[1] this favor was to deliver a locket to Julianna with the message he hopes to see her soon.[2]


This quest was cut from Fallout.


  1. Romero: "{131}{}{Hey, now that you are a Blade, I need to ask you a favor.}"
    (Romero's dialogue)
  2. Romero: "{135}{}{Great. Take this locket to Julianna. Tell her that I hope to see her soon.} {136}{}{It seems that I have fallen for a girl in Adytum. Because of the Regulators shooting us on sight, I can't get close to her.}"
    Vault Dweller:
    "{137}{}{How can I help?}"
    "{140}{}{If you take this locket to Julianna, I would be in your debt.}"
    (Romero's dialogue)
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