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Reverend Delbert Winters here. Born and raised in this very town. Lent my own Church to the Responders for their outpost here. And you're welcome.Survivor story: Rev. Delbert Winters

Delbert Winters is a deceased reverend in Appalachia.


Delbert was born and raised in Flatwoods.[2] During his life, Delbert joined the army which garnered significant life experiences through new environments.[2] He eventually led the Flatwoods Church, and when the bombs fell, the reverend witnessed what he perceived to be the end of the world.[3] Surviving this, Delbert had a crisis of faith, reflecting on his past, ranging from fighting in the war to charity work, as he survived on a day-to-day basis.[1][2]

When the Responders settled in Flatwoods, Delbert lent his church to them so they could establish an outpost and volunteered with the group, devoting himself to cooking for the survivors, running the book club, and nightly survivors guilt meetings.[4] His work with the Responders gave meaning to his life despite his own doubts and struggle with faith. He set up brahmin pastures, provided lessons and knowledge to those he could, and commented on the changing creatures and flora he observed in the region.[2][3]

When Sofie Yates tried to leave the town and join the Raiders, Winters tried to stop her, but Sofie ended his life.[5] Delbert's remains are found in his home in Flatwoods, but his work serves as a legacy, his recipes are found throughout the region. Current inhabitants such as Yasmin Chowdhury remark that Delbert's work inspired them to learn more about Appalachian cooking traditions.[6]

Interactions with the player character

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  • Second Helpings: During the quest, the player character is directed to find Delbert Winters in his trailer at Flatwoods, though he is dead by the time the player character reaches him.


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Survivor story: Rev. Delbert Winters


Delbert left many food and drink recipes around Appalachia including:


Delbert Winters appears in Fallout 76.

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