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Reverend Delbert Winters here. Born and raised in this very town. Lent my own Church to the Responders for their outpost here. And you're welcome.Survivor story: Rev. Delbert Winters

Reverend Delbert Winters is a deceased minister in Appalachia in 2102.


Delbert Winters was a reverend who lent his church to the Responders. When he survived the Great War, he had a crisis of faith until he found a new mission in helping survivors in need. He ran the Flatwoods tavern kitchen and taught survivors food safety. He was killed by Sofie Yates in his house outside of Flatwoods sometime prior to 2102 when he tried to stop her from going to Savage Divide and joining the raider gangs there, as referenced in the holotape Survivor story: Sofie.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

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Perk: Icon cross
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Doctor: Icon cross
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Survivor story: Rev. Delbert Winters


Delbert left many food and drink recipes around Appalachia including:


Delbert Winters appears only in Fallout 76.