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Deke Sykes was a mining supervisor working for Hornwright Industrial before the Great War.


Deke Sykes oversaw the complete draining of Monongah Mine's coal deposits via the company's Auto-Miners.[1] After the mining was complete and supplies were being removed from the site, a group of drunk townspeople from Monongah, including Earle Williams, entered the mine to steal from Hornwright. Not knowing they were inside, Sykes then blew up the entrance to the mine, intending to close it but also inadvertently trapping the townspeople inside.[2]


Deke Sykes is mentioned in Fallout 76 and its updates Wastelanders and The Legendary Run.


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  2. Vault Dweller: "How did he end up in Monongah Mine?"
    Maggie Williams: "He and some other townsfolk got some liquid courage one night and decided to go up to the mine. I knew that damn bourbon would be the end of him somehow. They kept goin' on about getting the last of what they could before that Deke Sykes from Hornwright Industrial closed up the mine. Well, that son of a bitch ended up blastin' the entrance closed with everyone still inside."
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