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Defiance mission report is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found in the General's Steakhouse, on a table in the General's dining area on the first floor.


Carpenter made a run for the trenches but a Scorchbeast spotted him. He made it to the trench. We thought he was good, but then the Scorched came. A few at first, then a mob. He put up a good fight.

Found a lone farmer hiding deep in a cave. He knew about the Brotherhood of Steel and Defiance. Said that "Defiance" was Fort Defiance. It was someplace deep in the Bog. He said the Brotherhood was dead, he said we'd all be dead soon. We gave him some rations and left.

Been hugging the trenches. More Scorchbeasts than I've ever seen flying in the sky. No sign of life except Scorched in the distance. Watoga's not too far now.

Turning back. Adler is pissed, but if RalleighIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar wants to know more about the Brotherhood's distress message he can find it himself.

Scorched on our trail. Splitting up so someone makes it back. Do these bastards ever get tired?

Anyone reading this.
Find Abbie Singh or Ralleigh. Tell them the Brotherhood is dead.
Tell them Defiance was keeping the lid on the thing.
They're coming
I won't become one of those things