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A cryptic radio message. A mystery to be solved.

Defiance Has Fallen is a main quest in Fallout 76. It is part of the Brotherhood of Steel quest line.


Years ago, the Brotherhood in Appalachia sent out a cryptic message saying that Defiance has fallen. Nobody outside the Brotherhood knew what that meant - it is up to Vault Dwellers to figure out the mystery.

Quick walkthrough

  • After completing Coming to Fruition, the quest can be started by reading the "Fort Defiance" entry on Abbie's terminal in Abbie's bunker.
    • It can also be started before reaching this point and finishing the Free States quests.
  • Travel to Camp Venture and read the Letter to Tommy. The letter is located inside the command center and requires the command center password to access.
    • The command center password is in a locked secure storage room in the basement of a building outside the main walls. The key to this room is in a locker in the barracks.
  • Travel to Fort Defiance.
  • Power up the building by finding a circuit breaker on the third floor. Watch out for a glowing wendigo or feral ghoul guarding it as the boss enemy.
  • After powering up the building, return to the mag-locked door near the entrance and press the red button to open it.
  • Read the Final stand note which is pinned to the board near the door to complete the quest.

Detailed walkthrough

Abbie's bunker

Travel to Abbie's bunker and look for her terminal which is located in her bedroom. Once there, read the entry titled "Fort Defiance."

Camp Venture

Side shot of the V.E.S.T. building

Next, travel to Camp Venture which is located directly east from the National Isolated Radio Array. Be prepared to clear the area of creatures. Once the area has been cleared, find the secure storage key in the barracks. It will be locked in a locker that can be picked. After the key is obtained, find the V.E.S.T. building on the lower side of the camp. in the basement, there is an orange door. Unlock it with the key and look inside for a note on a table called Command center password. Next, find the command center building, which is guarded by a terminal. Once inside, look for the letter to Tommy which is located on a table.

Fort Defiance

Fort Defiance is located on the edge of the Cranberry Bog and Savage Divide inside the Allegheny Asylum building. Be ready to fight more Scorched outside, and strong feral ghouls inside, possibly including a wendigo.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Find information about the Brotherhood of SteelA cryptic message was sent by the Brotherhood of Steel years ago talking about Defiance having fallen. The people in the area didn't know what the message meant. But I have a lead... someone named Abbie.
? Find the location of Fort DefianceAbigayle Singh never had a chance to find the Brotherhood of Steel's headquarters... some place called Fort Defiance. But she did know the location of one of their bases: Camp Venture.
? (Optional) Find the Command Center password
? (Optional) Find the Secure Storage key
? Get inside the Brotherhood headquartersIt turns out that the Brotherhood of Steel's Fort Defiance is actually located at the Allegheny Asylum, deep inside the Cranberry Bog.
? Discover the Brotherhood's Fate
? Power up the AsylumI found Fort Defiance but the Brotherhood of Steel has security doors that are blocking it. And those doors need power.
?Quest finishedDiscover the Brotherhood's FateNow that the power is back on, I can get inside the Brotherhood of Steel's base. Maybe now I can find out what happened to them.