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The Defense Intelligence Agency (or DIA) was a pre-War intelligence agency of the United States.


The DIA had a field office in Point Lookout's Naval recruiting center that was investigating reports of a Chinese agent in the vicinity named Wan Yang, and her possible connection to Dr Jiang.

A Defense Intelligence Agency facility called "Switchboard" was established below the Lexington Slocum's Joe shop in the New England Commonwealth, where they developed an advanced robot by the name of Predictive Analytic Machine. The facility was repurposed into the headquarters of the Railroad until the Institute attacked and put the facility out of action. Further Railroad missions have the Sole Survivor seek caches left around the Commonwealth by the DIA.

A dropped project of the DIA involved a custom-built and programmed RobCo computer system. RobCo sold the machine to Frederick Rivers who reprogrammed it to become the mainframe for the Order of Mysteries and named it "Cryptos."

Also in Appalachia was Sugar Grove, an advanced research facility developing SIPHON holotapes. It was also researching local cryptids and running SIGINT, all while infiltrating and running counter espionage against local unions.

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