Defense Experimental Research Project Initiative (D.E.R.P.I.) was a pre-War United States military grant project, responsible for funding ambitious and innovative projects that could serve the defense of the nation.


One of the beneficiaries of DERPI was Cambridge Polymer Labs, LLC, thanks to the nucleostrictive and piezoelectric polymer research conducted by its founders, Jon Elwood, Ericka Elwood-Woolum, and Wilfred Bergman.[1]


The Defense Experimental Research Project Initiative is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


  1. Molly: "The genesis of Cambridge Polymer Labs lies in the research of a group brilliant graduate students. Jon Elwood, Ericka Woolum, and Wilfred Bergman met during their time together at CIT. This slide shows them at their graduation. Their research into nucleostrictive and piezoelectric polymers caught the attention of Col. George Kemp in the fall of 2073. In the spring of 2074 the company was founded, with a generous grant provided by the Defense Experimental Research Project Initiative. The research produced here has resulted in several of components used in the Liberty Prime project that led to the successful defense of Anchorage. The company enjoys a strong relationship with the military and welcomes your addition to the research team that helps build a better America."
    (Molly's dialogue)
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