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This is a transcript for dialogue with Anne Marie Morgan.


Do you sell any specialty items?
What have you got against the Brotherhood? Anger 50 You mean, apart from the fact that they ditched their mission and went native? 1
Fear 10 Sure, I bet you don't mind them being cuddly with the locals, but when we came out here, we had a mission to do, damnit. 2
Anger 30 But now they're wasting their time protecting yahoos like you, while Ahab Lyons is off chasing his Super Mutant white whale. 3
But they're heroes! They defend the Capital Wasteland! Anger 25 And all at the cost of throwing away the lives of soldiers for a mission they didn't sign on for. 4
Anger 50 They're not supposed to be saving a bunch of backwards locals from raiders, they're supposed to be saving mankind from a new dark age. 5
Happy 10 Well, some of mankind, anyway. The important parts, at least. 6
So, you just figure you'll strike out on your own as Outcasts? Anger 50 Not hardly. We've got our mission, we'll stick with it, and to hell with Lyons and his soldier sycophants. 7
Happy 25 If they call us Outcasts for our dedication to duty, then we'll wear the title with pride! 8
Happy 25 And you just wait for when we get back in contact with the real Brotherhood out West. Lyons will have hell to pay. 9
By that analogy, you think Lyons will be killed by the Super Mutants? Surprise 50 Huh. And here I thought we had the only remaining copy of that... {Surprised, but muttered under breath.} 10
Anger 25 Anyway, I don't know if the old man's going to die from them, but he sure as hell looks like he's going to drag his soldiers down with him. 11
Anger 50 But he's not wasting any of our time anymore, damnit. 12
"Ahab Lyons"? And what's a whale? Surprise 10 You know what? Never mind. {Disappointed in the player} 13
Disgust 25 Sheesh. Ignorant savages. {muttered under breath.} 14
Tell me about the Outcasts. Neutral 25 We collect technology, and most people want what we've collected. 15
Neutral 50 Right now, we're pretty much stuck defending this Fort, but that won't be forever. 16
Anger 15 Once we regroup, we'll continue our work and keep moving back west. 17
Who are you people? Neutral 25 We call ourselves the Outcasts, and we collect technology to preserve it from tribals and idiot locals. 18
Anger 25 And before you ask, we were cast out from that company of zeroes who call themselves Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel. 19
Happy 10 Way we figure it, if traitors think we're too harsh in following orders, we're probably doing something right. 20
FFOutcastWork2A I'm not sure. Tell me more about this work. Neutral 10 We may be the best-equipped people in the world, but we've still only got so many people out there looking to recover the past's technology. 21
Happy 10 Locals like you can cover more of the Wastes to uncover technological relics like Power Armor or power cells. 22
Neutral 50 We know their value better than any junk-trader, and we've got more ammo stores, so you can expect a better trade for the tech. 23
FFOutcastWork2B Sounds good. I'm in. Happy 25 Okay, but first you'll have to talk with Protector Casdin. You can work out the details with him. 24
FFOutcastWork2C I'll pass. If I can't be a member, I won't be your errand boy. Disgust 25 Suit yourself. Why don't you go talk with Lyons? He's always got time for your kind. {A bit nasty and derogatory with the phrase "your kind"} 25
FFOutcastsCombatGreet1 FFOutcastsCombatGreet1 Anger 25 Keep your head down, idiot! Raider incoming! {Tough and agitated.} 26
Thanks for the help. Who are you? Neutral 50 Defender Anne Marie Morgan, with the Outcasts. 27
Anger 35 But all you need to know is that I've got a gun and a low tolerance for screwing around. 28
Trust me, I don't plan to die anytime soon. Anger 25 Yeah, that's what they all say. Usually just before stepping on a landmine. 29
Anger 15 I'm Defender Anne Marie Morgan with the Outcasts. Steer clear of here, and you should be able to continue with that whole "not dying" plan. 30
I'd hate if my corpse ruined this lovely Wasteland. It'd clash with the drapes. Happy 30 Yeah, the red would never go with all this brown. But if we remodel and still need a corpse, we'll call you, 'kay? {Playing along and having fun.} 31
Happy 10 I'm Defender Anne Marie Morgan, with the Outcasts. Good to have someone else out here who can keep up. 32
Shut up and get that fucking gun out of my face. Disgust 30 Wrong answer, scum. 33
You collect technology? How do I sign up? Anger 10 We aren't recruiting, kid. Old sap Lyons might trust walk-ins, but we don't. 34
Happy 10 But if you want to help out... well, we might be able to work out a deal. 35
Neutral 50 You bring in technological devices, and we'll pay you a finder's fee, based on the device. But Protector Casdin would have to okay it, first. 36
GREETING GREETING Anger 10 If you're going to get yourself killed out here, you mind doing it further away from our bunker? {Jokingly sarcastic} 37
Disgust 5 I don't want your corpse stinking up our little patch of heaven. {Jokingly sarcastic} 38
GREETING Anger 25 Shut up. Kinda busy. {Tough, and clipped. Said while in a fight.} 39
GREETING Anger 5 Back to stare in awe at the Outcasts? Don't you have something better to do, kid? {Tough, but not entirely unfriendly.} 40


FFOutcastsCallcasdin Callcasdin Happy 25 Protector Casdin, sir! We've got a local interested in the job! 41
I have to go now.
I'll just be on my way, then. Anger 5 Then get moving. 42
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Stay in line, and you'll be okay. 43