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An attack is imminent! Prepare your defenses.

Event: Defend Workshop is an event quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

  • Prepare to fight off up to five waves of hostiles at the workshop.
  • Defeat each wave.
  • One to three waves of enemies are common.

Detailed walkthrough

Periodically, Defend Workshop events will trigger for any owned workshop, where the player must defend the location from small waves of enemies. The first defend event usually triggers within a few minutes of claiming a workshop. No reward is given if the player fails to engage enemies during a defend event. While a defend workshop event is active, any player can fast travel to the workshop via the event marker on the map.

Possible hostiles

Enemy spawns are randomized for each workshop location and include the following:

Workshop enemy spawns
Anglers Eyebots Feral ghouls
Fog crawlers Gulpers Liberators
Mole miners Mole rats Mongrels
Mutant hounds Protectrons Scorchbeasts
Scorched Super mutants Wolves

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? [1:30] Prepare your defensesAn attack is imminent! I have to prepare my defenses.
?Quest finishedDefeat the [hostiles]: Wave #/#<Alias.RacePlural=AttackerName> are attacking <Alias=AttackLocation>! I have to defeat them before they overrun the defenses.


  • While building defenses is not required for the completion of the event, it is a viable option.