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Defeat Raiders is a quest in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Set in Carbon, one must take out the raiders who have been attacking the town.

Quick walkthrough

After receiving the quest from Vidya the player must talk to Jesse to get the key that opens the back door of the Carbon warehouse. The player will then fight his or her way through the various areas of the Carbon Mill to bring vengeance on the raiders responsible for attacking the town of Carbon. The Initiate must eventually cause a fault in the generator for the mill to disable the security locks and gain access to grinder, where the raider matron Jane is held up. After a discussion with Jane a fight will ensue, where the Initiate will be tasked to Kill Raider Matron.

Detailed walkthrough

After obtaining the warehouse key from Jesse, the Initiate must work their way through the railyard, fighting raiders and working through minefields along the way. Luckily, the raiders outsmart themselves by triggering their own land mines. The Initiate eventually reaches the exit leading to the mill exterior, and an inaccessible raider camp in the same area. In order to open the gate, they must find a back route into the raider camp, which is protected by more landmines. Inside the raider camp, they find the gate key, and also Ruby's necklace. From the inside of the camp, they can open the front entrance to the raider camp, and quickly exit the railyard.

The mill exterior follows a linear progression where eventually they find another gate key, this one opening the gate to the mill's parking lot. Along the way, they can again expect to find raiders and land mines. As the progression through this area is linear, they do not need to search for the key, it can be found by looting the raiders next to the gate.

The mill's parking lot is free from raiders, but curiously the Initiate can find Jesse camped out here, begging the question of how he got here ahead of the Initiate, and exactly what ties he has to the raiders. He welcomes them to the mill, and can be asked a couple of questions, which he gladly answers. He jokes that the matron can be found through the northern part of the mill, because "she likes the vibrations." He also suggests that the Initiate activates the reactor to create some havoc.

To get to the reactor, they need to travel through the mill's storage area, fighting more raiders along the way. The only notable item in this area is the Vault 13 flask. The next exit leads to the mill's generator area, where the generator can be activated. Doing so causes a chain reaction of circuit overloads, and activates some alarms, while doors leading to previously inaccessible areas are also unlocked.

Upon exiting the generator area, the Initiate will find themself in the mill's office area. Tesla coils shoot arc lightning and pipes vent steam, both posing a hazard best be avoided on the way through the offices, back to the storage, and finally back out into the parking lot.

The only place left to go is the mill's grinder area, which was previously inaccessible. Upon entering the area, the Initiate witnesses a confrontation between the raider matron Jane and the super mutant leader Attis. He is buying slaves from her and insults her for selling her own kind. Their discussion will be cut short due to an explosion, caused by the chain reaction from the generator's activation. She attempts to ask for help in dealing with the situation, but he refuses and leaves out the back. The Initiate can then proceed to defeat Jane, and after doing so, they can return to Jesse in the parking lot for a ride back to Carbon.

Quest stages

1 You've got to take out the raider matron in order to protect the townspeople. Leave the warehouse through the back door to get to the mill.
2 You've got to take out the raider matron in order to protect the townspeople. Talk to the trader to find out how to get to the raiders' base.
3 Fight your way through the raiders in the streets and meet the trader just outside the door to the mill.
4 The door leading to the raider matron's lair is locked. Find and activate the reactor to reset the lock and gain access.
5 Activating the reactor caused of major malfunction. Now you can enter the raider matron's lair and confront her.
6Quest finishedThe raider matron is wasted, the raiders are defeated. Hitch a ride back to town with the trader and let the doctor know the bitch is dead.

Kill Raider Matron

You found the raider matron - and she is pissed at you. Better kill her before she kills you.— In-game description

Kill Raider Matron.png

After witnessing the confrontation between Jane and Attis, the Initiate will be spotted by Jane, who then challenges them about killing her soldiers. During the questioning, she claims to work for the Brotherhood of Steel, saying that she is offering information on Attis' army in exchange for protection, and the Brotherhood turning a blind eye when it comes to her dealings with the townspeople and the mutants. She mentions that. after her meeting with the Brotherhood, they went on to pursue the mutants in a ghoul city.

A fight ensues after confronting Jane about the Brotherhood. Electric volts arcing across part of this area pose a hazard through the fight.


After dealing with the raider matron Jane, the Initiate receives 600 XP. After successfully clearing the mill of raiders, and returning to Carbon, they can speak to Vidya to receive 100 bottle caps and another 600 XP. If they also found Ruby's necklace and the Vault 13 flask while working through the mill, they can return these items to Ruby and the Wasteland Stranger for additional 100 bottle caps and 100 XP each.