The deep range transmitter, or DRT for short, is a quest item in Fallout 4.


The deep range transmitter was developed by ArcJet Systems for use in the USSA's Mars Shot Project. Work began in August 2075 after the USSA awarded the contracts for the DRT and XMB booster engine to ArcJet Systems. Following disagreements between a R&D scientist and CEO Thomas Reinhardt over the XMB booster engine, the scientist was transferred to the DRT project, which the scientist referred to as a "glorified radio", with orders to increase its range by 50% within a month. Within three weeks, the scientist increased the range by over 70%, enabling it to receive and send back pings within ten minutes, and began working to half its size so it will meet the required volume for the spaceship.[1]


The player character is tasked with retrieving the deep range transmitter by Paladin Danse. It can be difficult to find as it is located on a synth body in the area and may be a pile of dust on or under objects due to Paladin Danse and the nature of his Righteous Authority critical hits.


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