The deep range transmitter, or DRT for short, is a quest item in Fallout 4.


An advanced piece of pre-War technology, the deep range transmitter was developed by ArcJet Systems for the Mars Shot Project. It is a highly advanced radio communications system designed to enable interplanetary communications. Although preliminary work was completed, culminating in the creation of a working unit, a scientist reassigned away from XMB fuel mixture work managed to boost its communications range by 70% inside three weeks, allowing the USSA's ship to ping a signal back and forth within ten minutes, while eventually managing to reduce the unit's size by half to match the target volume.[1]


The Sole Survivor is tasked with retrieving the deep range transmitter by Paladin Danse. It is located in the inventory of a synth in the area and may be a pile of dust on or under objects due to Paladin Danse and the nature of his Righteous Authority's critical hits.


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