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Deep Sleep program: Phase II is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The tape can be found in a trunk in a carriage in the flooded trainyard during Calling Long Distance.


Board Member: Doctors. Hello from Earth. The full Board is here, waiting for your reports. Dr. Carol, can you begin?

Dr. Bernard: Phase two analysis: Subject Daguerre is responding well. The sleeping pod is performing within all expected parameters.

Board Member: Thank you, Doctor. Yes, the Board has a question for you. How long can the subject remain in your device?

Dr. Bernard: I wouldn't expect much degradation to occur for at least a few decades. Hard to estimate beyond that. Over.

Board Member: Is Doctor Nowak on the line?

Dr. Nowak: Oh! Uh. Yes, that's me. I'm here. And by here, I mean, I'm in orbit in space looking down at the Earth where you all are---

Board Member: We got it, Doctor. Thanks. We have a question for you. Can you determine whether the connection has been made?

Dr. Nowak: Yes. I can determine that the connection has been made. The A.T.H.E.N.A. unit has full access.

ATHENA: Confirmed. Pathways are open. Connection is complete.

Board Member: Thank you. We have a question for Dr. Lee---

Dr. Lee: I'm here! *strange banging sounds* Sorry, just had to fix a transmitter refraction--

Board Member: Enough. Dr. Lee, how stable is the ship at its current position in orbit?

Dr. Lee: Uh... fine? It's fine. It should probably last, uh, as long as she does, anyway. Probably. Uh. I mean definitely.

Board Member: Perfect. Is the ship's U.S.S.A. bot currently available and nearby?

PANDORA: Affirmative. Pandora Unit is ready for orders.

Board Member: Excellent. Pandora -- escort the Doctors to their own personal Deep Sleep pods.

Board Member: You need to say the code, Rob. Your team made it, you should know that. *laughs* Red Sunrise.

PANDORA: Expulsion will begin in 30 seconds. Enter your assigned pod immediately.

Dr. Lee: Wait. What? This isn't part of the experiment methodology. Also, we don't agree? Right, Doctors? You can't do this!

Dr. Nowak: Daguerre's sleep pod is inside the main escape capsule. We need to get it out so we can get out of here. Come on, someone help me open this thing!

Dr. Bernard: The Board is in violation of our contract. I want the U.S.S.A. on the line right now.

Emerson Hale: The U.S.S.A. is well aware of the current status, Dr. Carol, thank you. Please cooperate now.

PANDORA: Expulsion will begin in 30 seconds. Enter your assigned pod immediately. Blade electrified. 10 seconds.

Dr. Nowak: Get in! Get in quick!

PANDORA: *pod doors slamming shut*

Emerson: Phase III is now officially underway. Now, we just have to wait and see how ATHENA responds with three sources. Congratulations everybody.

PANDORA: *clapping*

Behind the scenes

  • The female board member in this holotape was voiced by Ry Chase, while the male board member (Rob) was voiced by Aleks Le.
  • The following paragraph was recorded for Dr. Bernard to say right after his first line, but is not used in the final version of the holotape.

Physiologically... her body is in perfect stasis. Mentally... it took about five minutes for her to progress into standard R.E.M. sleep after Serum Z was administered at the prescribed 10cc dose. Additional Sleeping Pods have been installed for Phase III. Any other questions for me? Standing by.