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The Declaration of Vital Essence is a paper note in Fallout: New Vegas.


It can be found in Nipton in a heavily booby-trapped house (east of the general store with sandbags) in a tool cabinet in the kitchen across from the front door.


I, Harry Collins, hereby declare sole proprietorship of vital essence and claim hereto all legitimate rights in defending said essence versus all comers, QED.

Town's been going to hell ever since Mayor Steyn waltzed in from out west saying he'd put Nipton on the map. Well, we know the real reasons he come to town. He come for my vital essence.

And then more come. The town's been growing by the day. All of them coming for my vital essence, as if I didn't know it.

And then more come. Asking questions like "Harry, why you spend all your time in that house of yours? You got something special in there?" Sniffing around for my essence is what they're doing.

I've had enough I'm locking up my essence, and I'm setting up defenses. No one's going to get their hands on my vital essence except ol' Harry himself.

Come what may,

Harry Collins

Behind the scenes

The note is a reference to the character General Jack D. Ripper from the film Dr. Strangelove, who was obsessed with "Purity of Essence" and the protection of his precious bodily fluids.