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I must confess feeling a bit . . . disappointed in you. But these things happen. You will remember this is confidential. Good day.

Decker is the most powerful crime boss in the Hub and the head of the Underground and the Friendly Lending Company[1] in 2161.


Decker is the true power in the Hub, and little happens thereof that he is not aware of. He is outwardly calm, even placid, and quite patient; he is also quite ruthless. He possesses great intelligence and speaks in an eloquent way, contrasting with his brutish appearance. He seeks to control the entire water distribution business, which would establish him as the de facto ruler of New California, via the Far Go Traders, a merchant company he controls from behind the scenes.

He is wary of threats to his position, including the Children of the Cathedral, whose attractive preaching and aggressive expansion endangers his operations. Likewise, he also looks for a way to control the Hub police, whose head, Justin Greene, is less corruptible than his father.

He also presides over the Friendly Lending Company, a loanshark operation managed by Lorenzo Giovanni, which was recently accused by the Hub police of extortion.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Dispose of Jain, Dispose of merchant: Should the player character impress Kane, his right-hand man, Decker will offer two jobs: remove Daren Hightower, Daren's wife and his security detail, and later Jain of the Children of the Cathedral, to cripple their operations in the Hub.
  • Take down Decker: At any time during or after the above quests, he can be reported to Sheriff Greene. The player character will be asked to assist in taking him down; as expected, neither Decker nor Kane will be too pleased.

Other interactions

  • Sometime before 2161, Decker captured an initiate of the Brotherhood of Steel who was visiting the Hub and held him as a prisoner in Old Town, torturing him to get information on the Brotherhood of Steel.[1] The player character can rescue the initiate as part of the Rescue Initiate from the Hub quest given by the Brotherhood.
  • Decker's death is the knell of the Underground. His absolutist control of all criminal activities within the city results in a lack of a successor. With no one to succeed him, the Hub police can subsequently eliminate any criminal elements without fear of retribution.

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Farmer outfit Throwing knife x6 Stimpak


With an Intelligence of 1, talking to Decker becomes challenging. An Intelligence of at least 2 requires the use of Mentats.


Decker appears only in Fallout as a talking head. He also is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.

Behind the scenes

  • In the Fallout film, Decker was to be named Dekker.
  • The Maltese Falcon, the name of Decker's bar, is a reference to a detective novel from 1930 of the same name, that was adapted into a film with Humphrey Bogart playing the protagonist.