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The deathclaw warehouse is an old warehouse located in the Boneyard. It served as the former home of the Rippers gang, as evidenced by the Ripper! movie posters. Ever since deathclaws occupied the area, it has become too dangerous for gang members and travelers alike.


The entry is in the upper right corner of Boneyard Downtown.


Watch out for deathclaws!

Three deathclaws can be found on the surface and will respawn one in-game hour after death if the area is re-entered. Rarely, one or two may respawn instead of three. A deceased scavenger is found here, carrying repair parts to Adytum. His corpse, or bloodstain if enough time has passed, can be searched for the parts, which has the outward appearance of junk.


Some eggs wanted

In the dark of the basement, the player character will find the more powerful mother deathclaw and her eggs. Lock picks can be found on the floor in the top left corner.

Related quests

The Vault Dweller is tasked with obtaining parts to fix the hydroponic farms in Adytum by Miles. Sammael mentions that a scavenger was sent to retrieve the parts but never returned. Gabriel of the Gun Runners asks the Vault Dweller to exterminate the deathclaws.


  • Killing all three surface deathclaws nets 3000 XP.
  • It is possible to kill the deathclaws, rest for an hour, leave the map, and return to gain the 3000 XP ad infinitum. However, the Vault Dweller cannot rest in the adjacent zones, and the deathclaws will not spawn until the area is re-entered.
  • While the deathclaws have 250 HP, the mother deathclaw has 320 HP, and noticeably better Damage Resistance. Killing the mother deathclaw nets 1500 XP. Killing the mother and eggs stop the surface deathclaws from respawning, as well completes the Gun Runners quest.
  • The stairs down to the basement are in the upper-right corner of the warehouse. Due to their charcoal color against a dark gray floor in a dark corner, they are easy to miss.
  • Individuals accustomed to Fallout 2 deathclaws will find the earlier versions can be approached up to a much shorter range before they notice and attack, while the mother variant more closely resembles those of Fallout 2.
  • The mother deathclaw is in the lower-right corner of the basement next to her eggs. She has the sharper eyesight of deathclaws have in Fallout 2 and will attack from much further away than her offspring.


The deathclaw warehouse appears only in Fallout.