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Deathclaw island is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


Deathclaw island is a small island, unpopulated by humans. The remnants of a couple who foolishly choose this island for their picnic can be found here, having awakened the only inhabitant of this place, a deathclaw.

The deathclaw sleeps in a nest toward the center of the island, near the data sensor, until approached. At this point, it will stand and begin walking the island. There is a picnic site with two bloody skeletons near the north end of the eastern shore. On the western shore, there is a level 3 locked safe near two duffle bags and a beached boat with an industrial trunk.

There is a data sensor here that can potentially provide one of the holotapes needed for the Ecological Balance daily quest.

Notable lootEdit


Deathclaw island appears only in Fallout 76.