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For an overview of all gauntlets in the Fallout series of games, see Gauntlets.

The deathclaw gauntlet is a weapon found in Fallout 4.


The deathclaw gauntlet appears as a set of severed finger-bones from a deathclaw, joined with hose clamps and a handle attached via threaded rod welded to wire to make a deadly handheld weapon.

Weapon modificationsEdit

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Icon damage Icon weight Icon merchant Components Base ID
Claw No upgrade
Extra claw Chance to disarm. Better damage. Large +20 +2 +22 Adhesive x4
Aluminum x7
Bone x4
Leather x3


  • Weapon merchants can sell them at Level 20.
  • Can be found in front of the deathclaw nest during the quest The Devil's Due when returning the egg to its nest, northwest of Lynn Woods. It will be directly in front of the nest. After approaching the nest with the egg from The Devil's Due, leaving the area without returning the egg will cause the deathclaw to become hostile.
  • Occasionally used in combat by human enemies and can be looted upon their defeat. The chance for an enemy to spawn with this weapon appears to be very low.


  • This game's version of the gauntlet looks different than in previous ones, which used the whole hand as a glove.
  • As with other melee weapons, the Deathclaw gauntlet cannot be made.
  • While the Deathclaw gauntlet cannot be used by the player character in power armor, companions can still use it in power armor.


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