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The deathclaw gauntlet is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


The deathclaw gauntlet is the hand of a deathclaw strapped to the user's arm. It ignores enemy armor, as did the version in Fallout 3, and looks identical. Although the standard deathclaw gauntlet is cut content, the Fist of Rawr, a unique version of the gauntlet, appears in the Lonesome Road add-on.


The deathclaw gauntlet can successfully strike a total of about 2995 times from full condition before breaking.


The Lonesome Road DLC adds the ability to craft one of two unique variants:


While the standard deathclaw gauntlet cannot be obtained in-game without the use of console commands, the unique deathclaw gauntlet can be obtained from Rawr, a unique deathclaw in a dark cave, just past the Boxwood Hotel roof. He will drop Rawr's Talon upon death, and the player can craft the Fist of Rawr.


The gauntlet has the same bulky design as the one in Fallout 3 as opposed to the smaller gauntlet in Fallout 4 that consist of only two claws attached to a brace.

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