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Deathclaw egg is a consumable in Fallout 76.


An unhatched, intact egg from a deathclaw. It can be eaten raw to satisfy a small amount of hunger with a high chance of disease and a very high dose of radiation, or can be cooked to provide additional benefits.


  • A 13.3% chance for 1-3 eggs to be found in deathclaw nests across Appalachia:
  • A 50% chance to spawn in the following locations:
    • Arktos Pharma - Can spawn inside the Protein Sequencer room, on a metal shelf in the bottom right corner.
    • Abandoned waste dump - in the vicinity of the third deathclaw nest on the left hand side after going down the ramp.
    • Deathclaw Island - Up to two can be found inside the deathclaw's nest, to the immediate left of a suitcase and the opposite direction.
    • Enclave research facility
    • Monorail elevator - Can spawn on the second level on top of the workstation roof, on a picnic blanket, accessed by taking the west elevator.