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For an overview of deathclaw eggs in the Fallout series of games, see deathclaw egg.

The deathclaw egg is a miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Deathclaw eggs are the unhatched offspring of deathclaws. They have a brownish-red shell which appears to have cracks and small fissures all around it. They are about the size of the player character's torso, and with a weight of 7 pounds, they are one of the heaviest items dropped by creatures. They are worth an impressive 400 caps, giving them a high value-to-weight ratio and making them a highly valuable loot item.


One deathclaw egg is required during the unmarked quest, You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs, and they are the primary ingredient required to make a wasteland omelet.

Deathclaw eggs can also be used to complete a portion of the quest Bleed Me Dry. Rather than finding the quest-specific "pile of deathclaw eggs," the player character may instead gather a dozen deathclaw eggs. Once the Courier has obtained the required 12 eggs, they will be removed from their inventory and replaced with the "pile of deathclaw eggs" item.


Behind the scenesEdit

The existence of hard-shelled eggs confirms deathclaws to be oviparous, which is interesting in light of their origin as mutated Jackson's chameleons, which are ovoviparous, meaning they incubate their eggs within their body. They are not, however, viviparous, meaning they bear their young live, as humans are.

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