For the Fallout 3 quest, see Death From Above.
For the weapon in Fallout 4, see Death From Above (weapon).

There's a nuke inbound! Check the map to see where it will land ...and if you should run!
Attention citizens. Nuclear strike imminent. Please exit the area at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your cooperation.

Death from Above! is a side quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Repeatable Quest: Death from Above!
Wait three minutes for the nuke to touch down.
Reward: Access to a nuked area.

Detailed walkthrough

Someone has initiated a nuclear missile launch. A blast zone will be marked on the map in red, indicating the area that will be struck by the missile, and a timer will begin counting down from three minutes. This time can be used to escape the blast zone or travel to its outskirts to witness the explosion. Once the timer ends, the missile will descend on the targeted area and detonate in the blast zone, ending the quest as the trademark mushroom cloud rises over ground zero, and the area is soon cloaked in a cloud of radioactive fallout. Failure to escape the blast zone before the timer expires will result in immediate death, though getting killed by a nuke for the first time unlocks an achievement.

Quest stages

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
?Quest finished3:00 Time to nuke touchdownA nuclear strike is inbound! I need to make sure I'm out of range before it hits!


  • The warning that plays for this quest will stop any currently playing holotapes as well as interrupt conversations with NPCs added in Wastelanders.
  • If the missile is visible from a player character's location as it begins its final descent, an eerie chord plays, getting louder and more ominous right up to the missile's impact and detonation, before going silent as the nuclear explosion erupts.


Icon xboxone.png If the event Scorched Earth is active, player characters who have died from radiation three or more times will be spawned in the zone but will be immune to environmental rads. This works outside of blast zones in other highly irradiated areas. [verified]

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