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The dear detective tapes are a series of four holotapes in Fallout 4.


Left in the Fens Street sewer by the Fens Phantom, a pre-War serial killer, to monologue his kills to a detective on the trail of his killings.

  • Tape 1 can be seen right when coming down the ladder from the street.
  • Tape 2 can be found on a barbecue next to a skull.
  • Tape 3 can be found on a table next to a yellow chair in a room with a mannequin, unlit candles on the shelves, and various crates.
  • Tape 4 can be found near the end, in an alcove with a safe behind a chain fence.


Tape 1

Fens Phantom: Here we are, detective. If you followed my instructions, you're alone. And well, if you aren't I've already left. You better be alone. Well, come on in. I've put my work on display down here, and I'd very much like you to see it.

Tape 2

Fens Phantom: I want you to appreciate your surroundings, detective. I can only be myself in a place like this. Life up there is exhausting. Everyday you smile at people who don't care about you one way or another because that is what you do. Down here I really get to live. I am happy to share it with you today, detective.

Tape 3

Fens Phantom: I am getting so anxious about our meeting, detective. You know, I think I have only ever wanted someone to know me. And really, I can't think of anyone who knows me as well as you do. I am your object of fascination, and you have become mine. It is humbling, detective.

Tape 4

Fens Phantom: I didn't want to hurt you, detective. I didn't want to hurt you, but you hurt me first. Now I know you didn't mean those things you said. And I forgive you, detective. It doesn't matter anymore. Now you are here with me. And we have all the time in the world to get to know each other.