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Dean Volkert (username Volkert.D)[1] is a scientist in the Institute in 2287.


He is a physician for the Institute and provides medical services. His services are free of charge and can only be used when the player character is wounded or irradiated. He is responsible for maintaining the health of the people within The Institute, though this leaves him at odds with other members of staff.[2] Dr. Volkert is also involved in the testing of compounds on an Institute worker, using them as live test subjects.[3]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.
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This character is a doctor.



Dean Volkert appears only in Fallout 4.


  • PCPC The healing service he provides does not cure addictions.[verified]
  • PCPC Like every other physician, he provides healing up to one's maximum Hit Points minus one point.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One After the quest A House Divided, he will no longer offer his services and ignore the player character when interacting with him. To fix this, he must be forced into combat, this will refresh his AI. This bug also causes him to be stuck on his terminal and interacting with the terminal won't force him off it.[verified]


  1. The Institute terminal entries; terminal, View Access Logs
  2. Isaac Karlin: "One of the ginger plants is gone. Was this another of your medical emergencies?"
    Dean Volkert: "Doctor Li's been having trouble sleeping, so I used it to make a remedy."
    Isaac Karlin: "You had no right!"
    Dean Volkert: "Save it, Isaac. You know I have full access to the garden when it comes to medicinal matters."
    (Isaac Karlin's and Dean Volkert's dialogue)[verification needed]
  3. Dean Volket: "No visible reaction to the K-14 compound. We'll start the next trial, then. The dosage will be much larger this time, and the side effects will likely be more pronounced."
    Synth: "Will there be any pain?"
    Dean Volkert: "I honestly don't know. I suppose it's your job to find out. Now hold still. There, all done. You can return to your duties, and remember to record every symptom you experience in detail."
    Synth: " I hope I'll prove a useful test subject for you, doctor."
    Dean Volkert: "Mm hm."
    (Synth worker[verification needed] and Dean Volkert's dialogue)

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