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For an overview of this item's appearances in the Fallout series of games, see Dean's Electronics.

Dean's Electronics is a skill book in Fallout 3.


Reading this book permanently increases the Repair skill by 1 point (2 points with the Comprehension perk).


Closest map markerLocation description
Anchorage MemorialIn Anchorage Memorial Facility, in the infirmary on the west side, in an Average-locked floor safe under a table on the north wall of the room. If the access codes were used to unlock the terminal near the Nuka-Cola Vending Machine, the safe can be remotely unlocked.
AndaleTo the east, in a truck on the road. The truck is also an easy find by going northwest from the Nuka-Cola plant, straight uphill.
Bethesda ruinsIn Bethesda Offices West, on the third floor at the bottom of a wooden crate on a desk under a conductor, hammer and some other items
Canterbury CommonsIn Dominic and Machete's house, on the desk near the northwest corner of the building
Corvega factoryOn a desk on the second floor, near the ant queen
Dunwich BuildingIn Forsaken Dunwich Ruins, on a shelf in a small room
Hubris ComicsIn Hubris Comics Utility, on a desk close to the Wilhelm's Wharf sewer exit
Hubris ComicsJust outside the building, inside of the Pulowski Preservation shelter
Jury Street Metro stationJury St. station, on top of the workbench
Mama Dolce'sIn Mama Dolce's Processed Foods, on a shelf in a stairwell at the southwest corner of the area
MDPL-05 power stationLeaning against the toolbox
Metro CentralNear Foggy Bottom station exit, behind a locked gate in the generator area, on a table
Nuka-Cola plantFactory floor: on the desk, take a right when first entering the building
Our Lady of Hope HospitalIn the dry sewer that lead from the basement of Our Lady of Hope Hospital to Dupont Circle. It's on a shelf in a room at the south end.
Ranger compoundOn top of the generator in the pantry. May get stuck inside or under the generator.
Red Racer factoryEnter through the front, going to the room straight ahead with a giant teddy bear on a tricycle suspended in the air. Jump on the barrels to the left of a machine to get on top, there is a toolbox with the book next to it.
Relay tower KX-B8-11To the southeast, near Hilltop Farm Ruins, on top of a barrel inside a flipped-over container in a small radioactive pond
Rivet CityIn Rivet City bow, in Pinkerton's lab, on the shelf. Must be stolen.
Rockbreaker's Last GasIn an abandoned shack on the cliff to the west, in a wooden crate under the workbench
Tepid sewersIn the raider hideout (in the tunnels behind sandbags). Enter the hideout, turn left, and enter the small room on the left. The book will be on the right corner behind the toolbox (near the generator).
VAPL-58 power stationOn the desk next to the computer
VAPL-66 power stationOn the desk with the broken computer
Vault 92On a shelf in the raider farmhouse to the west
Vernon Square EastIn a small sewer area marked as 'Sewer entrance' (not the sewer down in the crater) on the local map in Vernon Square (at the end alley to the right of the Cinema, opposite the Statesman Hotel). The book is on a table behind an Average locked door, along with a sawed-off shotgun.
Warrington stationPast the beds where Roy Phillips is met, in the room lit with a red light, on the southern shelf. Must be stolen.

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