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A study book on the field of electronics. A note on the cover says that it is for the "budding young electrician in everyone!"Fallout in-game description

Dean's Electronics is a skill book in Fallout and Fallout 2.


Reading will permanently boost the Vault Dweller's Repair skill until 92% is reached. At that point, they will have no further effect.



Closest map markerLocation description
CathedralTower, level 3, on bookshelf
GlowTwo on Level 4, one in a locker, the other in a wall safe
Los Angeles VaultLevel 2, on a mad scientist
Lost HillsLevel 1, in a storage crate
The HubMerchant: Mitch in Downtown
The HubMerchant: Mrs. Stapleton in Downtown
NecropolisThe leader of the underground ghouls will give you three if your Repair is too low to fix the water pump.
Lost HillsGiven by Kyle near the broken power armor when you find the parts.

Fallout 2

Closest map markerLocation description
Ghost FarmOn one of the skinless Slags.
Gecko junkyardInside the machine shop storage room, on the bookcase.
Vault CityDowntown, on the shelves behind Valerie. Use alcohol Valerie's perception a lot, then use Sneak to get the book.
New RenoSalvatore's Bar, One floor above the ground floor, on the shelves in Louis Salvatore's apartment.
New RenoNew Reno Arms, inside the workshop in the back room (accessible from the street).
Sierra Army DepotIn the desk in the CO's quarters, level three.
Sierra Army DepotIn the robobrain assembly lab, level three.
Mariposa Military BaseTwo outside, one on the ground in the southern tent and the other inside a locker in the northern tent.
New California RepublicOn the bookshelf in the outpost, NCR Bazaar.
Navarro Main BaseIn the middle workbench in the vertibird hangar.
Enclave Oil RigTwo on the shelves in the scientist's office, detention level.
Enclave Oil RigTwo in the CO's storage in the barracks area.
Enclave Oil RigOn the scientist in the mainframe room, reactor level.
Vault CityMerchant: Randall.
Vault CityInner City Information Center, from Chief Librarian Kohl if you profess a love of books.
San FranciscoMerchant: Jenna in the oil tanker's general store.



Fallout 2

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