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The Dead Money speaker is a world object in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.

In Dead Money, speakers (like radios) take on a new and threatening role: by interfering with the signal to the Dead Money collar, they can cause the collar to detonate, killing the Courier.

The Courier has approximately 10 seconds from when the collar starts beeping to find and disable the speaker or back away out of range. Speakers have a range of 12 yards, whereas radios reach only 8 yards.


Originally before the war, while the casino was under construction, the surrounding area of the town had numerous speakers installed in which to broadcast music. Some of the tourists took to vandalizing them which led to Frederick Sinclair having the speakers shielded to prevent further vandalism attempts. By 2281, the speakers continue to play music because of an excited security guard who turned them all on in anticipation of the Gala Event;[1] according to Father Elijah, over the 200 years of being on and broadcasting, the signal to the speakers and radios has decayed so drastically that the frequency changed to garbled static.[2]

Disabling and avoiding speakersEdit

  • Listen for the decayed audio signal (can be heard outside of bomb collar range) in order to memorize where to avoid when traveling in parts of the Sierra Madre.
  • Speakers showing a red light are shielded and cannot be damaged with weapons. They must be avoided or switched off from terminals.
  • Speakers showing a blue light can be damaged from a distance with ranged weapons.
  • Difficult-to-find speakers can often be disabled with grenades and other explosives, as they are extremely sensitive to damage, as long as they are not the shielded red-light type of speakers.
  • Some speakers can simply be bypassed by moving quickly past them.
  • Having Christine Royce as a companion will extend the time the Courier can remain near a speaker without detonating the Dead Money collar.



  • The audio frequency of the decayed speakers are in fact (if listened to perfectly) an emergency broadcast as some understandable words can be heard. For example, the word "caution" can be heard at the start of the speaker's audio.
  • The audio frequency of the speakers and radios can also be heard at Little Yangtze within the Big MT.

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  1. Villa police station terminal entries, Communications: "Set up the radio room downstairs to broadcast through the speakers. Don't want to miss tonight's performance, the receiver down there is stronger than the desk radios we have up here.
    Stashed some supplies from the evidence room down there to celebrate once my shift is over. Way I figure it, the rest of the guards'll be too busy to check up on me."
  2. Elijah's dialogue: "Villa's comm speakers have aged poorly, like the Madre. Pre-War junk. The speakers emit a signal that'll set off your collar if you stay too long."
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