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Excerpts from the design document for the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money were shown in Chris Avellone's presentation "A 4 Hour Story in 400 Simple Steps: Fallout DLC" at Game Developers Conference 2012".[1]

Vera Keyes, Hollywood starlet[]

Vera Keyes design doc sheet

Vera Keyes, Hollywood starlet[2]


Note: the voice of Vera is actually 2 characters in the game - one is the "original" Vera, who died long ago and whose voice is present in pre-recorded holograms around the city. The other "voice" is for Christine below who's had her voice box surgically altered to sound like Vera, but the personalities are completely different.

Short Hook: An 1950s-style starlet and Hollywood figure, died long ago. Her voice persists in holograms and recordings throughout the adventure, welcoming visitors to the post-apocalyptic ruins of the Sierra Madre.

Age: Caucasian, late 20s

Tone: Beautiful, cultured, slightly aristocratic. A little sadder on the edges, like she lived through some hard times and heartbreaks.

Background: Hollywood starlet on the rise, fell in with bad company (Dean Domino, long ago), ended up getting blackmailed and being used as a tool to get close to one of the wealthiest man in the Pre-War years in order to rob him. Initially, she pretended to be in love with her target, then over time she realized she did love him. She passed away (suicide) inside the Sierra Madre casino, and now her voice exists only as a prerecorded ghost, welcoming visitors to the dead city of the Sierra Madre for all eternity.

Role: Creepy, cultured voice in a town of ruins. The idea is that the voice of this beautiful starlet in the middle of all the toxic destruction is designed to drive home the creepiness of the location.

Lines: 100+, note that this doesn't include Christine's lines below.

One-Liners: Either have her read the radio broadcast for act 1, 2, or three, or the intro

You've heard of the Sierra Madre.

Attracted Stars across the world to its Grand opening, it was supposed to be a monumental moment, I don't home bit of news in a world wracked by war.

Grand opening didn't go as planned, the final note of the war happened first. The Sierra Madres grand opening frozen time, a little flashbulb moment of all the promises of the future.

It's out there all right and the waste just waiting for someone to go crack it open. Getting to it, that's not the hard part.

It's letting go.