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Dead Horse Point was a pre-War state park located along the Colorado River in Utah. It is home to the Dead Horses.


Dead Horse Point is up the Colorado River from Zion Canyon.[1] It is the home of descendants of tourists that survived the Great War, who eventually became the Dead Horses.

At one point before 2277, Joshua Graham visited the Dead Horses at their home, teaching them how to hunt and maintain their equipment, and began priming them for assimilation into Caesar's Legion.[1] This caused the area to come into Legion influence. However, before they were inducted, the Legion lost the First Battle of Hoover Dam, and Graham was set ablaze and cast into the Grand Canyon for his failure.[2] While they had been taught to hunt, they were not versed in warfare. Joshua's teaching brought them into conflict with other tribes, which they lost. The Dead Horses were driven from Dead Horse Point, forced to flee to Zion Canyon.[3] They would retake their home sometime before 2281, under the leadership of Joshua Graham.[1]

During the events of the war for Zion, Joshua asked the Dead Horses to return to Zion, to assist Daniel and the Sorrows with the invading White Legs.[1] Whether they help them escape the valley or drive the invaders out, the tribe returns to their home afterwards.[4][5]


Daniel's family lives here.[6]


Dead Horse Point is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

Behind the scenes

Dead Horse Point is based on the real world location of Dead Horse Point State Park, a state park along the Colorado River in Utah.


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