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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for slavers in the Den slave run.


# examines
{100}{}{You see a tough, middle aged slaver.}
{101}{}{You see slaver with a large scar on his face.}
{102}{}{You see a rather large slaver.}
{150}{}{There's a slaver who seems to enjoy his work.}
{151}{}{This slaver seems to be very strong but not too bright.}
{152}{}{This slaver seems to be well-armed, like the others.}
# 1. CF: Hostile Not Done - no kills
{225}{}{Let's get em.}
{226}{}{Only kill the hostile ones.}
{227}{}{Lead the way; we're right behind you.}
{228}{}{Only take out the hostile ones- the others are our pay.}
{229}{}{I'm ready to split some heads.}
{230}{}{Where they at? You see em?}
# 2. CF: Hostile Not Done - have kills
{235}{}{It's not time to leave yet.}
{236}{}{Get the last of the hostile ones.}
{237}{}{Leave the unarmed ones alone. Get the others.}
{238}{}{There's still some more bloodshed waiting for us.}
# 3. CF: Done with run - Poor
{245}{}{That was a horrible run.}
{246}{}{This was hardly worth it. We didn't get shit.}
{247}{}{Next time, only take out the hostile ones. This isn't all fun and games.}
{248}{}{Metzger's going to be pissed.}
# 4. CF: Done with run - Average
{255}{}{Not bad -- but next time, leave the unarmed ones alone if you want us to get paid.}
{256}{}{That wasn't that bad. We got some decent slaves out of this.}
{257}{}{I've seen better, but at least we'll get paid.}
# 5. CF: Done with run - Good
{265}{}{Hey, we did pretty good. We almost got them all.}
{266}{}{Thanks for your help.}
{267}{}{Good job. The pay for this run should be nice.}
{268}{}{That was fun and we should get a good cash out.}
# 6. CF: Done with run - Perfect
{275}{}{We kicked some serious ass. Metzger better give us a big bonus.}
{276}{}{That was perfect! I'm going to get so shit-faced tonight.}
{277}{}{Fuck'n A. We kicked ass.}
{278}{}{That's the way to do it!}
# 7. BF: Hostile Not Done - no kills
{285}{}{Where they at?}
{286}{}{I'm gonna get me some lovin'.}
{287}{}{I bet I'll get more kills than you this time.}
{288}{}{Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.}
# 8. BF: Hostile Not Done - have kills
{295}{}{The rest of you are dead; you just don't know it yet.}
{296}{}{You can't hide from us!}
{297}{}{Come out, or I'll blow your fucking head off.}
{298}{}{Ah, that was good! Where are the rest of them?}
# 9. BF: Done with run - Poor
{306}{}{That sucked.}
{307}{}{Damn it.}
{308}{}{We better not do that again.}
{309}{}{Fuck... and I was going to drink up tonight.}
{310}{}{Let's just get out of here. This fucking sucks.}
# 10. BF: Done with run - Average
{320}{}{Not bad.}
{321}{}{Hope we got enough. I need to replenish my jet supply.}
{322}{}{Let's go.}
{323}{}{I've seen better, but money's money.}
{324}{}{Metzger should be fine with these.}
# 11. BF: Done with run - Good
{325}{}{Pretty good.}
{326}{}{Hurry up. Let's beat it.}
{327}{}{This should do just fine.}
{328}{}{Nice haul.}
{329}{}{Let's go. I want my money.}
# 12. BF: Done with run - Perfect
{335}{}{Bonus time!}
{337}{}{Round them up and let's get going.}
{338}{}{Stop fuck'n around. Let's go.}
{339}{}{Damn, this run looks sweet.}

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