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{303}{}{So you might be able to help us out?}
{303}{}{So you might be able to help us out?}
{304}{}{Good to see you.}
{304}{}{Good to see you.}
{305}{}{We'll pay back [[Tyler (Fallout 2)|Tyler]] soon'}
{305}{}{We'll pay back [[Tyler (Fallout 2)|Tyler]] soon…}
{306}{}{Any new developments?}
{306}{}{Any new developments?}
<nowiki>#</nowiki> 9. Lara Dead
<nowiki>#</nowiki> 9. Lara Dead

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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Lara's ganger, members of Lara's gang in the Den


# 0. Look
{100}{}{You see a gangster.}
{150}{}{He seems to be a member of Lara's gang.}
{151}{}{She seems to be a member of Lara's gang.}
# 1. Hostile
{200}{}{Wise guy.}
{201}{}{There you are.}
{202}{}{Pay back.}
{203}{}{Come here.}
{204}{}{I'm not through with you.}
# 2. Metzger's Dead
{225}{}{Wonder how long things will last around here with Metzger gone?}
{226}{}{So, Metzger's finally dead?}
{227}{}{Was that your handiwork?}
{228}{}{The Den'll never be the same again.}
# 3. 2Won
{240}{}{I can't believe it, we actually beat them!}
{241}{}{Metzger's got to show us respect now.}
{242}{}{We sure showed them.}
{243}{}{We gave 'em our own brand of justice.}
{244}{}{We couldn't have done it without you!}
{245}{}{Thank you for your help!}
{246}{}{We did it!}
# 4. NO SHOW
{247}{}{You screwing around with us?}
{248}{}{Better watch you step.}
{249}{}{Lara's the only reason we don't string you up right now.}
{250}{}{What were you trying to pull?}
{252}{}{You make me sick.}
{253}{}{Get lost}
{254}{}{Beat it.}
# 6. FIGHT
{255}{}{We're ready when you are.}
{256}{}{It's about time we pay them back.}
{257}{}{I hate waiting.}
{258}{}{Lets go already.}
{259}{}{You ready yet?}
{260}{}{Just let Lara know when it's time.}
# 7. NO
{270}{}{You looking to join up?}
{271}{}{You must be here to see Lara.}
{272}{}{How's it going?}
{273}{}{Lara's the person you should be talking to.}
{275}{}{You here to see Lara?}
# 8. Else
{301}{}{How's it going?}
{302}{}{Hope things are going good.}
{303}{}{So you might be able to help us out?}
{304}{}{Good to see you.}
{305}{}{We'll pay back Tyler soon…}
{306}{}{Any new developments?}
# 9. Lara Dead
{310}{}{Thanks for the help. Too bad about Lara.}
{311}{}{We finally got em!}
{312}{}{We couldn't have done this without you.}
{313}{}{At least Lara went out in fight.}
{314}{}{I can't believe Lara didn't make it.}
{315}{}{We sure showed Metzger who's best.}
{316}{}{Metzger's better off with us.}
# 10. Running to fight
{350}{}{You said it!}
{351}{}{They're dead meat!}
{352}{}{We're going to kick some serious ass!}

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