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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Flick, owner of a Flick's Slum in the Den West Side.


# 0. Look
{100}{}{You see a thin, greasy looking, man.}
{150}{}{You see Flick, giving his groin a thorough scratching.}
{151}{}{You see an unclean fellow with a nasty facial-twitch.}
# 1. Low Intelligence (WtG)
{200}{}{Get outta heeya, you dumb-ass.}
{201}{}{Hey meatball! Yeah, you. Get outta heeya.}
{202}{}{You dumb or sumpin'?}
{203}{}{Whatchur problem, eh?}
{204}{}{Get the hell outta heeya.}
# 2. Hello (WtG, 3,4,6,7,911,12,13)
{220}{}{Hey der, I'm Flick. What the fuck do you want, huh?}
{221}{}{Now what? You wastin' my time heeya.}
{222}{}{What's with the wacky accent, Flick?}
{223}{}{What the hell do you do here?}
{224}{}{I'm looking for a Vault - oh yeah, and some trader named Vic, too. Know where they might be?}
{225}{}{I'd like to trade with you.}
# 3. After Barter (2,3,9)
{240}{}{That 'bout do it for ya, pal?}
{241}{}{Actually I'd like to take another look at your goods if I may.}
{242}{}{Actually, I'd like to ask you a question.}
{243}{}{That did it. See you around Flick.}
# 4. What do you do here (2)
{260}{}{I'm a fuckin' provider, waddya think? I'm like a good Samurai-itan guy.}
{261}{}{Say what?}
{262}{}{Yeah, uh, well…let me ask you something else.}
{263}{}{Uh, oh. OK. Goodbye, Flick.}
# 5. You do what? (4)
{280}{}{I provide fer them little paisanos.}
{281}{}{You provide little pianos?}
# 6. Pianos?(5)
{290}{}{Pai-san-o, you know, the kids. My kids.}
{291}{}{Your kids?}
{292}{}{Well, I'm not really interested in music lessons for children. Let me ask you about something else.}
# 7. Your kids? (6)
{300}{}{Yeah, well they work for me. They bring me things. Little things. You know.}
{301}{}{Uh, no.}
{302}{}{Oh, OK. Let me ask you something else then.}
{303}{}{Ah, I see. Well, I don't want to cramp your, uh, style. Goodbye.}
# 8. They bring you things? (7)
{315}{}{They bring me stuff what they find. Little, little things. Stuff no one ain't usin' no more. In return, I takes care of 'em.}
{316}{}{Sounds like a nice arrangement.}
# 9. Nice arrangement (8)
{325}{}{(Flick shrugs) I get by OK.}
{326}{}{Let me ask you about something else then.}
{327}{}{They must have brought you some real bargains. Let's see what you've got.}
{328}{}{Just checking. Well, goodbye Flick.}
# 10. Wacky accent? (2)
{340}{}{What you talkin' about? You think I'm a fucking stupid pirla? Some dumb filio di puttana? You think I'm some kinda clown? Am I here to amuse you, is that it?}
{341}{}{Uh, no. Sorry, I was just curious. Let me ask you about something else.}
{342}{}{Yeah, that's right, shithead. And nothing's going to amuse me more than your death-throes.}
{343}{}{Well, if you're going to get all huffy about it, I'm leaving.}
# 11. Vic & Vault (2)
{360}{}{Vault huh? Maybe Momma knows about that, 'cause I don't. But that Vic guy - him I know. Metzger's got that porca pistola.}
{361}{}{Vic? Ain't that him with you? You biota. But Momma, her I know.}
{362}{}{Who's Metzger?}
{363}{}{Who's Momma?}
{364}{}{Thanks. Let me ask you something else.}
{365}{}{Thanks, that's all I need to know. Goodbye.}
# 12. Who's Momma? (11,13)
{380}{}{Momma runs a food place over in da East side a town. Just past the graveyard. Nice place, she got good pasta, Mama mia.}
{381}{}{Thanks, What about that Metzger fellow that's got Vic?}
{382}{}{Thanks. Let me ask you something else.}
{383}{}{Thanks, that's all I need to know. Goodbye.}
# 13. Who's Metzger? (11,12)
{400}{}{That's right. Metzger, that stronzo, he's dead. I don't know what happen to Vic.}
{401}{}{That Metzger, he's a real rompiballe, that one. Runs the Slaver's Guild. East side of town, just north of Momma's. Anyhow, he got Vic, I know.}
{402}{}{Thanks, now what about Momma?}
{403}{}{Thanks. Let me ask you something else.}
{404}{}{Thanks, that's all I need to know. Goodbye.}

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