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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Tyler's guard, East Side Church


{100}{}{You see a guard.}
{150}{}{The guard is guarding the old church.}
{152}{}{How dare you show your face again!}
{154}{}{Ho! No one enters the Family Wright warehouse at night!}
{155}{}{Well, Mr. Wright himself sent me on an errand. If you don't know about it, too bad.}
{156}{}{I'll come back tomorrow.}
{157}{}{I need to get in there now.}
{158}{}{[Looking nervous] Sorry...I didn't know. Do you have any papers?}
{159}{}{Please! Can you even read?}
{160}{}{No, he didn't give me any.}
{161}{}{I left them back with my guard. I'll go fetch them.}
{162}{}{You cannot get in without papers.}
{163}{}{Here's my authorization! Attack!}
{164}{}{I'll come back.}
{165}{}{[Embarrassed], just go on in...}
{166}{}{Thank you.}
{167}{}{That's more like it.}
{168}{}{What do you people want?}
{169}{}{We need to go inside.}
{170}{}{We were sent here by the boss.}
{171}{}{I would have heard if a group was sent here. Be off!}
{172}{}{Off with your head!}
{173}{}{OK, OK; we're going.}
{174}{}{What is your business here?}
{175}{}{I need to go inside.}
{176}{}{I've been sent on official business by the boss. Stand aside!}
{177}{}{Removing your head from your shoulders.}
{178}{}{Sorry, wrong place.}
{179}{}{Hello again. You can go on in.}
{181}{}{Hey, get the hell away from the door!}
{182}{}{Don't touch the door again unless you want trouble.}
{183}{}{I see you touch that door again, you're gonna get a bullet in the head.}
{184}{}{Hey, what do you think you're doing?}
{185}{}{I've had enough of you.}
{186}{}{Sorry; I can let you in, but your friends are gonna have to wait outside.}
{187}{}{Only one of you are allowed in at a time.}
{200}{}{Good evening.}
{201}{}{Good afternoon.}
{202}{}{Good morning.}
{203}{}{Just finish up your business, thank you.}
{250}{}{You know, pal, I've had enough of your shit!}
{251}{}{You know, bitch, I've had enough of your shit!}

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