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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

A cut dialogue file for Metzger, from when he was still called Caesar.


{100}{}{You see a member of the Slaver's Guild.}
{150}{}{You see Metzger, head of the Slaver's Guild.}
{152}{}{Guards! Attack!}
{154}{}{Come back in the morning damn it! I do my business during the day.}
{156}{}{What is it now? You're really starting to piss me off.}
{157}{}{I would like to apologize.}
{158}{}{Sorry, I was drugged earlier. I didn't mean anything.}
{159}{}{Whoa, what's your problem?}
{160}{}{I wanted to ask you a question.}
{161}{}{Apparently I have. Good bye.}
{163}{}{Well, it's too late for that. Get out.}
{164}{}{Please, please, please; I'm sorry.}
{165}{}{Oh well, I tried.}
{166}{}{Screw you, then!}
{167}{}{Alright, alright. Apology accepted.}
{168}{}{Whew. Can I ask you some questions?}
{169}{}{I'm glad we straightened that out. See you later.}
{170}{}{Hello. It's good to see you.}
{171}{}{Hi Metzger. We need to talk.}
{172}{}{You too. Bye.}
{174}{}{I am Metzger, Head of the Slaver's Guild. Whatcha need?}
{175}{}{Yes, I have some questions.}
{176}{}{No thanks. I'll just go now.}
{178}{}{Please leave. Now.}
{179}{}{Or what?}
{180}{}{Alright. But I'll be back!}
{181}{}{OK. Bye.}
{182}{}{What would you like to know?}
{183}{}{About Trader Vic...}
{184}{}{Can I join the Slaver's Guild?}
{185}{}{I'd like to sell my husband into slavery.}
{186}{}{I'd like to sell my wife. How much?}
{187}{}{I'd like to sell one of my friends here.}
{188}{}{Tell me about the guild.}
{189}{}{What cities buy your slaves?}
{190}{}{I'd like to buy a slave.}
{191}{}{I'm looking for Vault 13. Have you heard of it?}
{192}{}{Metzger? That's a strange name.}
{193}{}{Nothing. I have to go.}
{195}{}{It's from an old language, prewar or something.}
{196}{}{Metzger means butcher. Fitting, don't you think?}
{197}{}{That was my great grandfather's name. He can from somewhere far to the east. Across a large body of water.}
{198}{}{I read some book about a Metzger. He was a president, or something.}
{199}{}{Look who's talking trible.}
{200}{}{It's Germen, German, Garmen, or something. Ancient language, from a long time ago.}
{201}{}{Et tu, Brutus?}
{202}{}{I see. I still have a question, though.}
{203}{}{That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.}
{204}{}{Fascinating. Gotta go.}
{205}{}{Our mission is provide a steady and high-quality labor force to handle the ever-growing demands of the larger cities. Would you like to join?}
{206}{}{Sure. Sounds great.}
{207}{}{No way.}
{208}{}{I'll get back to you on that. What cities buy your slaves?}
{209}{}{Sorry, that's private guild information.}
{210}{}{OK. Sign me up!}
{211}{}{No! You guys are sick people!}
{212}{}{I'll consider that. I have more questions.}
{213}{}{Hmm, I'll come back later.}
{214}{}{We will need to brand a small marking on your forehead to show to all your allegiance with the slavers guild. Are you ready?}
{215}{}{Sounds great! Do it!}
{216}{}{I've changed my mind. Can I ask another question?}
{217}{}{I don't have time right now. I have to go.}
{218}{}{Welcome to the guild!}
{219}{}{Great, I have questions!}
{220}{}{OK, thanks. I'll be back.}
{221}{}{Vault 13? No. Wait... I think Vic's from Vault City. Maybe that's it.}
{222}{}{Yes, where is it?}
{223}{}{No. I have another question though.}
{224}{}{No, never mind.}
{225}{}{We sell most of our slaves to Vault City and New Reno. New Reno is south east of here and most of the Den trades with it.}
{226}{}{Where is Vault City?}
{227}{}{I have more questions.}
{228}{}{Thanks, gotta go.}
{229}{}{Vault City is east of here, and a little south. Vic's from there.}
{230}{}{I have more questions.}
{231}{}{Thanks; gotta go.}
# Hmm, looks like a healthy slave. I'll give you [x] coins.
{232}{}{Hmm, looks like a healthy slave. I'll give you }
{233}{}{ coins.}
{234}{}{OK! It's a deal.}
{235}{}{Uh, never mind.}
{236}{}{No way! I want double!}
{237}{}{You drive a hard bargain. Here is your money!}
{238}{}{Thanks. I have some more questions.}
{239}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{240}{}{Anything else?}
{241}{}{Yes, I have a question.}
{242}{}{Nope. Bye.}
{243}{}{Which "friend" are you selling?}
{244}{}{Um, never mind.}
# Interesting. I'll give you [x] coins.
{245}{}{Interesting. I'll give you }
{246}{}{ coins.}
{248}{}{No, thanks.}
{249}{}{I want more money than that!}
# Alright, I'll give you [x] but no more!
{250}{}{Alright, I'll give you }
{251}{}{ but no more!}
{253}{}{Not good enough.}
{254}{}{That's way too little. I'm leaving.}
{255}{}{What do you want with Vic? He's my property now. He shouldn't have fucked with me.}
{256}{}{I'd like to buy him.}
{257}{}{Why are you keeping him here?}
{258}{}{Nothing. Never mind.}
{259}{}{He is not for sale, yet.}
{260}{}{Why not?}
{261}{}{Oh, okay.}
{262}{}{He will cost $2000.}
{263}{}{Here is your money.}
{264}{}{That's a lot. Maybe later.}
{265}{}{The cost is $1000.}
{266}{}{Here is your money.}
{267}{}{Don't have that much yet. Bye.}
{268}{}{Our radio is broken and he's in charge of fixing it.}
{269}{}{I see.}
{270}{}{You haven't got the money!}
{271}{}{Too bad for me. Can I ask you a question?}
{272}{}{Sorry, I'll come back.}
{307}{}{How dare you return after abandoning your brothers during a Slave Run! Guards! Attack!}
{309}{}{Excellent! It may take a few days for you to travel there and back. Are you ready to leave now?}
{310}{}{No. I'll come back.}
{311}{}{Yes, I'm ready. Let's go.}
{312}{}{Ah, you are back from the Slave run. Let's see how you did...}
{315}{}{You killed potential slaves! A dead man brings us no income! Only kill the ones that are a threat, the others are of no threat.}
{317}{}{You returned no slaves at all! What the hell is wrong with you? We're trying to make money here, not lose it.}
{319}{}{Overall, you did well this Run. Keep up the good work and I might keep you around a while.}
{320}{}{Thank you. I will.}
{321}{}{I don't know if I like this too much.}
{322}{}{You need to improve your enslavement technique.}
{323}{}{I will try.}
{324}{}{I apologize for my poor performance.}
{325}{}{I think I'm good enough.}
{326}{}{Damn it! You did terribly in this Run. Are you trying to ruin me? Be more careful next time. You don't need to kill them all! Just kill off the hostile ones. Leave the unarmed ones for collection.}
{327}{}{I'm sorry, Metzger.}
{328}{}{Hey, it's tough work to be a Slaver!}
{329}{}{I'd like to see you do better.}
{330}{}{I'd like to go on a slave run.}
{331}{}{Damn it! I hate losing any guildmember on a Run. Try to watch each others back!}
{332}{}{Overall, you did well this Run. Here is $}
{333}{}{ as an incentive for you to keep up the good work.}

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