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This is a transcript for dialogue with Dazzle.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hey there, sugar. I'm Dazzle. What can I do for you... or to you? You're so handsome I might just give you a discount. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Hi, honey. I'm Dazzle. What can I do for you... or to you? Every night's ladies night here. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 You damn idiot. I just counted those caps you gave me, and there's not enough there! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 {NCR victory} All those NCR troops should see me to celebrate. Come one, come all! 4
GREETING Neutral 50 {Legion victory} I'm not letting the Legion make me a slave. Even I have standards. 5
GREETING Neutral 50 {House victory} Guess it's true what they say - the house always wins in the end. 6
GREETING Happy 50 {Indy Vegas} No Mr. House, no NCR, no Legion, no rules! New Vegas is going to be just one wild, never-ending party. 7
GREETING Happy 25 Back again? Did you miss me? 8
GREETING Neutral 50 What the fuck do you want now? 9
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic000 You ever spend time with a trooper named White? Neutral 50 Yeah, he used to come around here a lot. Haven't seen him in a while, though. Why? 10
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic001 He's gone missing, and I'm trying to track him down. Any ideas? Neutral 50 He used to go on and on about water and the farms east of the Strip. He was talking to one of the farmers named Bascom, had some problem with NCR. 11
Neutral 50 Boring as hell, but it was his money and his time, so I let him talk about whatever. 12
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic004 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Don't be a stranger. 13
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic005 How much for a good time? Neutral 50 Fuck off. You already screwed me once, and it's not happening again. 14
How much for a good time? Neutral 50 A hundred caps. No kissing, no rough stuff. 15
How much for a good time? Neutral 50 Fifty caps, just like we agreed. 16
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic006 Let's party. Here's the hundred caps. Neutral 50 We can go right over here, baby. 17
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic007 Where are you from? Neutral 50 Well now, that's unusual. Normally no one cares enough to ask. To be honest, I don't rightly know. My mama was from around these parts. 18
Neutral 50 I can remember her face, but not her name. More than I can remember of my daddy, I guess. We lived in Westside before the Omertas bought me. 19
Neutral 50 As bad as it can be some days in here, it's better than living in that dump. 20
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic008 Never mind. Neutral 50 Suit yourself. The offer's always open if you feel like changing your mind. 21
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic009 Uhh... twenty, twenty five... yeah, I have enough. Here you go. Neutral 50 We can go right over here, baby. 22
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic010 How about we just split this Med-X and... relax for a while? Neutral 50 Hmm... I don't know. Doesn't that... mess you up? 23
< Medicine 35 >
I know the right dose for a little thing like you. Medical training, you know. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Well, if you know what you're doing... okay. You show me a good time, and I'll return the favor. 24
I used, like, a whole bunch of this stuff and I'm still fine. Neutral 50 [FAILED] That's nice, honey, but no thanks. 25
< Speech 35 >
I wouldn't offer if it wasn't safe. Do I look like someone who would hurt you? Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Well... no I guess not. Okay - you show me a good time, and I'll return the favor. 26
Mess you up? Nah, it's probably fine. Trust me. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Um... it's sweet of you to offer, but no thanks. 27
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic013 We girls have to stick together. Any chance you could give me a better deal? Neutral 50 Yeah, you're right. For you, and just you, fifty caps. Don't tell anyone. 28
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic014 Fifty caps it is. Let's party. Neutral 50 We can go right over here, baby. 29
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic015 A hundred caps? I think you're the one getting the deal here. Neutral 50 Yeah, you are different from my usual guys. Fine, fifty caps, but don't tell anyone. 30
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic016 I'm a little short on caps. Neutral 50 Too bad, baby. Come back when you have the caps. I'll still be here. 31
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic017 Uh... sorry. I don't count so good. Neutral 50 Forget it, it's done. 32
Uh... sorry. I don't count so good. Neutral 50 So, what else did you want? 33
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic018 < Blink. > Neutral 50 Ugh. I figured you were a bit slow, but I never thought - forget it, it's done. 34
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic019 Haha. You're dumber than me. Anger 50 Fuck you. So what do you want now? 35
vDialogueGomorrahDazzleTopic020 I don't have a hundred caps on me. Neutral 50 Too bad, baby. You know where to find me. 36