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A hundred caps. No kissing, no rough stuff.— Dazzle when asked about the price for her "services"

Dazzle is a prostitute living in Gomorrah's courtyard in 2281.


Dazzle was born around Vegas, but grew up in New Vegas's Westside. Her father left Dazzle's mother when she was young, and Dazzle grew up with her mother until the former was sold to the Omertas. At some point, she was bought by the Omertas and became a prostitute at Gomorrah on the New Vegas Strip. While she admits that it can be bad at the Gomorrah some days, she will take the Gomorrah over "that dump" in Westside.[1]

As a prostitute at Gomorrah, she later met Corporal White who visited her for her services whenever he could, subsequently divulging information about the NCR crops and water rationing.[2][3]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Cost: 25-50-100 caps


Effects of player's actions

  • She will charge less for sex if given some Med-X, a Speech or Medicine check is passed, or with the Lady Killer or Black Widow perks. With any of her standards met, she will discount her services price to 50 caps.
  • Upon insulting Dazzle upon a low intelligence underpay, she will no longer offer her services to the Courier.

Other interactions

  • Dazzle will have sex with the Courier for 100 caps.
  • Low Intelligence characters (3 and below) will be able to "accidentally" underpay Dazzle for her services by 25 caps. She will not notice the underpay until after the fact and will confront the player about it in the next conversation. The Courier can then get out of it by apologizing or insulting Dazzle on her intelligence, the latter of which angers her and will result in her no longer offering her services to the Courier.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Exposed prostitute outfit - Note from White to Dazzle -


  • Dazzle is one of two prostitutes in Gomorrah, whose services can be purchased, with the other being Joana.
  • During intercourse with her, the screen will turn black, but the usual sounds will not be heard.
  • If the Courier is a female, it will give the option of using the Black Widow perk to price her sex down to 50 caps, but the Black Widow perk is for unique dialogue with the opposite sex, not other women.


Dazzle appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.



  1. The Courier: "Where are you from?"
    Dazzle: "Well now, that's unusual. Normally no one cares enough to ask. To be honest, I don't rightly know. My mama was from around these parts. I can remember her face, but not her name. More than I can remember of my daddy, I guess. We lived in Westside before the Omertas bought me. As bad as it can be some days in here, it's better than living in that dump."
    (Dazzle's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "You ever spend time with a trooper named White?"
    Dazzle: "Yeah, he used to come around here a lot. Haven't seen him in a while, though. Why?"
    The Courier: "He's gone missing, and I'm trying to track him down. Any ideas?"
    Dazzle: "He used to go on and on about water and the farms east of the Strip. He was talking to one of the farmers named Bascom, had some problem with NCR. Boring as hell, but it was his money and his time, so I let him talk about whatever."
    (Dazzle's dialogue)
  3. Note from White to Dazzle