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For the chem in Fallout 4, see Day Tripper (chem).
You've done enough chems to know how to hang on to the effects just a while longer. More specifically, ingested chems last 33% longer than they normally would.— In-game description.

Day Tripper is a challenge perk in Fallout: New Vegas.

Challenge requirementsEdit

The Courier must consume 25 addictive chems.


Grants 50 XP upon completion and the Day Tripper perk.

Perk effectsEdit

All chems and alcohol lasts 33% longer than they normally would.


  • Drinking all types of alcohol also counts towards achieving this perk.
  • If the player character have both the Day Tripper and Chemist perks, their effects multiply. For example, the healing effect of brahmin meat normally last for 15 seconds; with these two perks, it increases the duration up to 40 seconds. This is likely due to the game engine defining a chem as anything that can "wear off," which food does in the game.
  • The increased duration of healing items does not show up in the list of effects for the items on the Pip-Boy.
  • This perk also affects Stealth Boy duration. Having all affecting perks, Day Tripper, Chemist and Stealth Girl, significantly increases Stealth Boy duration up to 10 minutes 38 seconds.

Behind the scenesEdit

The perk name is a reference to Day Tripper, a song by The Beatles.

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