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Day 1 is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia. It is written by Scott "Scoot" Conroy.



This is Scoot.
If you're stumbling across this note, or my body, just leave it. Maybe someone who knows me will find it. I fell down this sink hole and broke both of my legs. I'll be dead soon. Please, feed my cats.

Day 2
Not dead yet, and not alone, either! Someone else fell down here before me.
His name's Kevin and he's some kind of park ranger. He knows all sorts about survival: showed me where to gather drinking water and moss that I could eat. We've been eating bugs, too. Need that protein! He said that people from his division would be searching this area any day now.
Day 24
No one is coming. My leg has healed, but not in a good way. Kevin and I had tried to work together on splints, but the wood down here is too moist, just crumbles. I just spend my days crawling through the mud, eating bugs, drinking dirty water. I'm going to die down here.