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Dawson's holotape is a holotape in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Sentinel Control System Companion."


It can be found in Dawson Wakefield's footlocker at the Schoelt propane station.



User Log: Wakefield, Dawson (Scribe)

Sending DataEdit


This is... the third week I've been sending data to the Institute. Schematics, core dumps, everything. The Brotherhood has amassed an enormous amount of data and technology, and yet we keep it locked away. We say it's to keep us safe, to protect humanity from itself.

I've had enough of the hubris and greed. So I'm going to keep doing this, as long as I can. I'm starting to think this is my true purpose.



Maria caught me compiling a holotape today. I told her I was just making back-ups. She seemed to accept that. I'll need to be more careful.



Vasquez is starting to ask a lot of questions. I can't even take a leak without him asking for a full status report.

This is getting out of control.



There's going to have to be an accident; it's the only way I can keep all of this quiet. I know how to reprogram the Sentinel targeting systems. I'll say that I barely made it out alive, that all the kinks with the AI haven't been worked out yet. I'll wipe my own Sentinel's memory when I'm done.

If the Brotherhood dies, too much will die with us. I can't allow it.

My Sentinel passcode is "Capital Tripwire Echo". I will need to get Maria and Vasquez's codes somehow.

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