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Me? I ran with the toughest gang in the Hub. You've heard of the Hub, right? It's, uh, west of here, I think, back in California.

Dawes is a Powder Ganger who guards the NCR Correctional Facility entrance in 2281.


Dawes claims he was originally the leader of a gang in the Hub back in New California. However, he was apprehended and sentenced to imprisonment in the correctional facility in the Mojave Wasteland for starting a riot.

Dawes will grant access to the NCR Correctional Facility to a character who has a sufficient reputation with the Powder Gangers in exchange for 100 caps. Alternatively, assisting Joe Cobb in Run Goodsprings Run will earn free access to the facility.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

  • Wearing faction armor to overcome low reputation with the Powder Gangers is ineffective with Dawes, as he will note that he doesn't recognize the wearer as somebody with whom he served time and will still demand the entrance fee of 100 caps. After the fee is paid, Dawes will see through the faction disguise and attack. Killing Dawes at this point will not make the others hostile unless it also triggers a reputation drop to vilified.
  • Without any special Sneak skill, it is possible to achieve Hidden status beside or behind Dawes and pickpocket his NCRCF visitor's center key. As the key is marked with no weight or value, pickpocketing the key will never fail (unlike with Dawes' other possessions) as long as the Courier is hidden. There is no Karma loss for this, nor for using the key on the door.
  • He will greet a female character more 'politely' than a male character.


Notable quotes


Dawes appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.