Something happened. We wandered the desert. Life without Master was... hard. The others' minds going strange, going crazy. But then I found us new master. I find us Antler!Davison

The Davison's nightkin was a group of Unity nightkin, under the command of the Captain Davison.


Before 2162, the Davison's nightkin was a troop of nightkin lead by Davison, wandering the wasteland by order of the Master likely to find vaults or pure humans. After the Master's death in March 2162, the Unity was dismantled and the Davison's nightkin continued to wander in the Wasteland, but without a goal this time, and also becoming crazy and severely delusional, because of prolonged use of Stealth Boys and the loss of guidance of the Master.

Sometime after, Davison found a brahmin skull that, in his madness, he thought to be a god named Antler and believed that the skull gave them orders and guidance, taking the place of the Master and creating a religion called "Antlerism", devoted to Antler. Since finding Antler "everything's been going really well" and Davison's nightkin have been ordered, by Antler, to find Stealth Boys to appease him.

By 2281, Davison found a paper talking about a shipment of a few hundred Stealth Boys for the REPCONN test site in the Mojave Wasteland, and Antler ordered them to search in the area. When they arrived at the REPCONN test site, a fight between the Bright Brotherhood, occupying the area, and Davison's nightkin began.

After the fight, the surviving members of the Bright Brotherhood were forced to move to the upper levels of the REPCONN test site, and Davison's nightkin moved down to the basement to find the Stealth Boys. Sometime after the fight, the Courier came across the test site and decided the fate of the Davison's nightkin, helping them and making them leave the Mojave Wasteland, or killing them all.

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