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I am in command of my faculties! In command of my troops! Antler guides me in all things! As I in turn guide my kin!

Davison is the leader of Davison's nightkin who are looking for Stealth Boys in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


Davison was once a captain in the Unity's service, leading the Master's elite, the nightkin, into combat. He recalls that he once held the rank of captain and that his last name is Davison, but he does not remember his first name.

Ever since the fall of the Master in 2162, his mental state has been steadily deteriorating, both as a result of his wandering through the desert and use of Stealth Boys. The factors coalesced into particularly severe mental disorders characterized by delusions and schizophrenia. Following a brief stay with Marcus at Jacobstown, who tried to take care of the nightkin as best they could, Davison took his nightkin out into the wastelands again, following the guidance of "Antler."[1] Antler is the new master of Davison and his nightkin, one they carry with themselves everywhere they go, as it is a bleached brahmin skull.[2]

The nightkin later seized the REPCONN test site, descending on the Bright Brotherhood occupying it and taking them by surprise, using the few Stealth Boys they still had available.[3] This was because Davison found a shipment invoice detailing a shipment of 144 Stealth Boys to the site. As nightkin struggle to cope with being exposed whenever they are not cloaked by one of these devices, this was a boon to the nightkin.[4][5] With further threats,[6] and although they killed nearly half of Bright's followers and turned the test site upside down, the mutants have failed to uncover any trace of the Stealth Boy stash. The only place they have not checked is the storage room where Harland holed himself up after the nightkin chased him into a corner. However, Davison is unwilling to waste the lives of his followers on rushing Harland through the traps and the ghoul's rifle, so he and his followers are stuck in a holding pattern until someone breaks the stalemate.[7]


Like many nightkin that had the misfortune of losing most of their intelligence, Davison is aggressive, impatient, and suspicious of others.[8] Paired with his paranoid schizophrenia from prolonged Stealth Boy use, this makes Davison a difficult man to reason with as he is nothing but distrustful. Along with the schizophrenia, Davison has also developed dissociative identity disorder and projects onto a brahmin skull the personality of "Antler," a prophetic or god-like being that Davison devotes himself to, in order to cope with the loss of the Master. Ironically, Antler seems to represent a more rational and benevolent side of Davison, as "he" is the one who is willing to negotiate a peaceful solution with the Courier, where Davison is distrustful and paranoid. Despite his delusions - such as attributing all of his higher cognitive functions to "orders from Antler" - Davison insists that he is well, stating he is "in command of my faculties, in command of my troops!"[9][10][11]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Come Fly With Me: Davison and his Nightkin are searching for a shipment of Stealth Boys that has been relocated. Telling him this results in the departure of the nightkin, which allows the Bright Followers access to the basement. However, he will not believe the Courier until he is told about the shipping manifest, which explains that the Stealth Boys were sent to REPCONN by accident.

Effects of player's actions

  • If one has killed most or all of the nightkin - including the jailer - this can prompt him to attack the next time he is spoken to. He may immediately turn hostile, or he may tell the Courier that Antler told him they killed all the nightkin before turning hostile.
  • If the Courier only kills some of the nightkin, he will mention that some of his flock are missing.
  • If the Courier kills all of the nightkin, he will mention that he is all alone and wonder where the rest of them went.
  • Sometimes, if the Courier only kills the jailer, Davison will not notice.
  • He will immediately turn hostile if the Courier touches, moves, or shoots Antler.

Other interactions

  • When he asks the Courier to receive the Stealth Boy shipment from the room Harland is in, he warns them that this ghoul is not as "squishy" as the others.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Bumper sword Davison's key
radroach meat or
ant meat or dog meat
Frag grenade


He and all nightkin within the basement can be killed with no repercussions only after telling him the Stealth Boy shipment is no longer in the facility.

Notable quotes


Davison appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PCPC The script which monitors whether or not the player has moved Antler is very sensitive and will trigger if Antler has moved even a fraction of a unit in any direction. Furthermore, anything which causes Antler to move, such as a Companion or even Davison himself somehow bumping Antler, will cause Davison to become immediately hostile to the player. [verified]
    • PCPC Davison's hostility can be fixed by using the console, highlighting Davison and entering the command disable, then immediately using enable, and talking to him again. You can also use the command StopCombat.
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 It is possible to use a Stealth Boy after Davison's hostility has been established towards the Courier after attempting to interact with him. This will cause him to holster his weapon and become neutral, but Davison will naturally remain hostile to any of the Courier's engaged followers, except Lily Bowen, who will activate her own Stealth Boy. If one interacts with him again after he turns neutral, he will speak with the player character. If one talks to Davison after doing this, he will tell them that all of his kin are gone and he is all alone. [verified]
  • Playstation 3Playstation 3 Davison may not become hostile when moving, shooting or punching Antler off his table. [verified]



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