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This is a transcript for dialogue with Davie Taylor.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00537019 0053704F You too. Be careful out there!
2 00537050 Wow, really? I gotta ask Dad if we can trade for some. Thanks!
3 00537051 *laughing*
4 00537052 Really? I'm totally gonna need some more paper, then. surprised then thoughtful
9 0053701B 00537047 Mom got me some new drawing chalks, so I'm good. How about you?
10 00537048 Ah, I'm okay. A little bored, though.
11 00537049 Actually, I'm just thinking ... do brahmin and radstags and stuff fight with themselves?
12 0053704A Yeah, I'm just at the end of a book series. Kinda sad to think it's gonna be over soon.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
12 004299D2 004299E3 It's slippy out, yeah!
13 004299E4 I'm tired.
14 004299E5 What's that jawn? pronounced /jôn/
15 004299E6 I wonder if Sunny has any ice cream now that he has a 'fridgerator?
16 004299E7 Maybe Ward has more drawing paper I can have....
54 00429A26 Have you seen the frogs here? They're my favorite.
55 00429A27 I'm not supposed to go outside of town ... but sometimes I do.
56 00429A28 Sometimes I like to chase the chickens. Don't tell anyone, they'll get mad.
57 00429A29 If you meet any other kids around here, tell me. I'll play with them, even if they're raiders.
58 00429A2A Do you like it in Appalachia? I really like it, especially the fireflies.
90 0042AFC7 Penny's back! I knew I could believe in you. You're the best.
194 0058FDFE 0058FE02 We're a little short on housing right now, but you are welcome to join the community.