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This is a transcript for dialogue with David Shuffleworth.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0073B03C 0073B03D Ladies and gentlemen, the show will begin shortly. Polite, enunciates correctly, formal speech
2 Someone heard me then? Look, I'll be quick, I need someone up there to make sure things go the way they should. Are you up for it? speaks as an aside, informal
3 0075FDD4 Drawtworth Tours thanks you for your patience. Polite, enunciates correctly, formal speech
4 Back again for another go? Good call, just in time. speaks as an aside, informal
5 0075FDD5 Hang fire, the scan's not done yet.
6 0075FDD6 What're you still doing chatting to me? Get on with getting them parts man!
7 0075FDD7 Can you not bother me while I try and figure this out? Cheers.
8 0075FDD8 As funny as it'll be watching you get sparked out, I need you alive so can you PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU'RE DOIN'!?
9 0075FDDA ...*static*...
10 0075FDDB ...*static*...
11 0075FDDC ...*static*...
12 0075FDDD ...*static*...
13 0075FDDE ...*static*...
14 007689C4 Mate, do me a solid and sort this out? Speaks as an aside, informal
15 0075FDAE 0075FDD9 There's no need to panic! I'm s-sure it's nowt to worry about!
16 0075FDE4 If you observe the sky in monitor 1 you can see the formation of the Mammatus wall signifying the approach of the storm.
17 0075FDE5 An interesting fact for you all, Cum-ul-o-nimbus clouds are the only type of cloud that can contain lightning. No need for a word to be that long like...
18 0075FDE6 Yes that's it everyone, take as many pictures as you want. Keep it up mate we're gonna be rollin' in it once word of this spreads.
19 0075FDE7 Not gonna lie, this does look pretty... You doing alright out there mate? Hang on... Yes how can I help you? Yes we're all perfectly safe...
20 0075FDE8 Everyone, if you can just remain calm, this is part of the experience!
21 0075FDE9 What's life without a little gambling? Fear lets you know you're alive man!
22 0075FDB0 0075FDC9 Right, gimme a sec to look up the locations of the parts.
23 When I'm done you can get scavenging and see if there's enough of them here so you can get to sorting this out.
24 0075FDB2 0075FDC4 Basically, I've got this group in here with me, they're wanting to get some thrills & watch the storms that have been kicking about this place.
25 Thing is, this Lightning Harvester is busted.
26 I need someone to repair it so I can fill me pockets- erm, I mean, give these fine people a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
27 0075FDB4 0075FDCB We're in a "power substation". See that big tower in the middle? That's a Lightning Harvester. There's a few spread about the park.
28 Apparently they make storms appear then disappear, no idea how, but once they're fixed up they should be sound.
29 0075FDB6 0075FDC6 Ah like that is it? Alright. I see how it is.
30 0075FDB7 0075FDCD So this Harvester needs some maintenance and I'm hoping there's enough parts around here to fix them up. That's what I need you for.
31 Once you've sorted that harvester, I'll fire it off, it'll bring a storm in and this lot in here can enjoy the view. Everyone wins.
32 0075FDB8 0075FDC7 Fantastic, looks like there's more than enough parts around here for this repair.
33 They're lying about in metal boxes and the previous occupants of this place were organized, so they should be labeled "Harvester Parts".
34 Take the parts over to the harvester consoles that're broken and pop them in.
35 Doesn't really seem smart to have the important stuff in metal boxes when you're working with electricity, but it is what it is.
36 By the way, anything you find that isn't labeled you can keep.
37 Err... hang fire mate, scanners are picking up some signatures that aren't you or harvester parts...
38 Go ahead and start looking for those parts but keep your dish on a swivel.
39 0075FDB9 0075FDCE Aye those are the ones, go ahead and pop that... erm... whatever that is into one of them consoles.
40 I'm sure those boxes have instructions in them somewhere mate.
41 0075FDCF Nice one.
42 0075FDD0 Make sure you put those ones in pins down aye?
43 0075FDBA 0075FDD1 Never doubted you for a second mate. Get the rest of it fixed.
44 0075FDD2 Looks good to me. Go get some more.
45 0075FDD3 Keep going, nearly there.
46 0075FDBB 0075FDDF Right all the bars are at the top and flashing green so that's probably a good thing.
47 I'm gonna set about getting this thing online, you... take a quick breather.
48 0075FDBC 0075FDC8 Ermmm... member when I told you about them signatures that weren't you? There's more of them. A lot more.
49 Alsooo... I don't really know what happens if this harvester doesn't run fully.
50 I'm gonna need you to make sure it charges properly and not let whatever's out there interfere with the process.
51 Last thing, I dain't like giving refunds and if these lot in here don't get what I promised them they're probably going to want one.
52 So there's another reason to charge them up.
53 0075FDBD 0075FDE0 Whoa, hang on. Killing that one made the harvester charge a bit more than it normally does.
54 Maybe killing them extra-sparky ones will speed this up? Kill a few more and see.
55 0075FDE1 Aye, shoot them ones first, makes this whole thing go a bit quicker.
56 0075FDBE 0075FDE2 Whoa what in the hell is that?!
57 It's interfering with the harvester controls!
58 Do us all a favor and put it in the ground while I stop these lot from trying to open the doors.
59 I don't think the room I've put those tourists in is an observation chamber after all...
60 0075FDE3 Not again man for f- Look, I'm gonna need you to kill that thing, or we're gonna have some problems.
61 Mainly that the caps meant to be in my pockets will probably be melted to my customers bones. I really need to start putting them somewhere else...
62 0075FDBF 0075FDC3 Haha did you see the way that thing folded after you decked it?
63 What a roar man! Well done mate, really solid effort.
64 Everyone if you could stay inside the bunker for a few moments while my associates make sure it's safe to exit? Thank you!
65 Cheers mate, big effort you made for me there. I won't forget it in a hurry.
66 0075FDC0 0075FDCA What part of "Repair the Harvester" did you get stuck on? Was it "Harvester?" Too many syllables?
67 People are leaving the bunker man, you've royally had me over here!
68 0075FDC1 0075FDC5 Did you forget to listen when I said we needed the harvester to charge up? I've now got to deal with pissed-off customers AND a safety issue.
69 Get out of here you weapon!
70 0075FDC2 0075FDCC The heat sinks down here just discharged and roasted everyone that wasn't in the control room.
71 So... everyone but me! I can't get caps off dead people!
72 Get off my monitors before I come up there or I'll definitely shoot you. Ugh, I'm never gonna get this smell out of here...
73 007689C2 007689C3 Right well that's a load off my mind; the Harvester's fully charged now and it can dissipate the energy safely... according to this little book I've got.
74 Good job mate, hang fire a minute, we'll get you paid.