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This is a transcript for dialogue with Davenport.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00544D0A 00544D0C Ah, hello. We're always happy to have visitors. Pleasant, welcoming
2 00544D0D Make yourself right at home. Pleasant, welcoming
3 00544D0E I'm always delighted to see a resident of Vault 76. Well, former resident. Pleasant, welcoming
4 00544D0F The Overseer and I keep quite busy, you know. There's just so much happening here in Appalachia. Busy, but pleasant
5 00544D10 Let me tell you, it's quite a job, keeping track of all the comings and goings here in Appalachia. Busy, but pleasant
6 00544D11 It seems as if more people arrive in Appalachia every day. This is very encouraging! Excited
7 00544D12 Our task is nothing less than to guide the great rebuilding effort. Busy but pleasant
8 00544D13 Even with the arrival of the new settlers, Appalachia remains a dangerous place. Never let your guard down! Busy but pleasant
9 00548783 The Overseer keeps me quite busy gathering information. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say! Busy but pleasant
10 0056F020 0056F021 Should you find a camera, I have need of your help. If you're interested, a Personal Terminal at your C.A.M.P. should help you locate one.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00548762 0054878D Excellent choice. I find those folk to be most agreeable. Now let's discuss what we need in detail.
2 00548764 00548782 Feeling brave, are you? Very well, let me tell you exactly what we're looking for.
3 00548766 0054878B While I've never traveled to the settlements myself, I've heard quite a bit from visitors and radio broadcasts.
4 The settlers at the Foundation are quite hospitable. They rely on cooperation and trust, sharing collaboratively in the rebuilding effort. Admiration
5 00548768 00548780 I see. Well, perhaps another brave volunteer will step forth. Cheerio, then. Disappointed but keeping his chin up
6 0054876A 00548789 Excellent! Now, which of the two settlements do you intend to visit?
7 0054876C 0054877E I serve as an assistant to the Overseer, gathering information about the people here in Appalachia.
8 We're especially interested in the settlements known as the Crater and the Foundation.
9 The growth and development of these settlements is vital to the rebuilding effort, and so we constantly monitor their progress.
10 To that end, I'd like you to take photographs that will help to keep us informed.
11 Naturally, I'll compensate you for your efforts. So, are you interested?
12 0054876D 00548787 An astute question. Allow me to explain.
13 0054876F 0054878E Ah, well in that case, never mind. Polite, but disappointed
14 00548771 00548784 Wonderful! Now, I'll explain the task. Happy
15 00548773 0054878C Ah, excellent choice. Those are fine folk, quite pleasant. Approving
16 Good hunting, as they say! Cheerful
17 00548775 00548781 Feeling brave, are you? Enthusiastic
18 Good luck, and do be careful! Those Crater folk are rather excitable. A note of caution, those people are dangerous
19 00548777 0054878A It's quite simple, really. You'll take photographs of specific targets at the Crater or Foundation settlements.
20 Once you've finished, you'll return the photos to me and I'll reward you for your efforts. What do you say?
21 00548779 0054877F Splendid! Which settlement do you intend to gather information about? Enthusiastic
22 0055F78C Good. I hope you'll prove trustworthy this time.
23 Now, which settlement do you intend to visit?
24 0054877B 00548788 Very well. Do let me know when you're ready for another assignment. We can never be too informed, after all. Polite
25 0054877D 00548785 Hello there! I'm glad you stopped by. I could use your help with an important matter. Friendly
26 00548786 So good to see you again! Are you up for another photo reconnaissance mission? Friendly
29 005500DC Ah! You've returned! Do you have the photographs I asked for?
30 0055F78E I'd like to offer you another photo reconnaissance mission, assuming you'll return the photos to me rather than giving them to someone else. A little annoyed, admonishing
31 0055F78F Completed your assignment, have you? Good. Hopefully this time, you've brought the pictures back.
36 0054AD2C 0054AD36 As you know, the leader of the Raiders is Meg. Her important position demands that we keep a close eye on her.
37 I'd like you to go to the Crater settlement and photograph Meg, so that we can ascertain her condition. That is your first target.
38 0055C62A The Raiders have repurposed the communications center of the fallen space station at the Crater.
39 This provides them with a vital link to their outposts and their comrades in the field, allowing them to monitor events in the region and react swiftly.
40 Such an important piece of technology is worth keeping an eye on, so we'd like you to photograph it.
41 0055C62B You might have spotted the crop fields near the Crater. Those crops help to provide the Raiders with a steady supply of food.
42 Should the crops fail, the Raiders would be forced to seek other food sources, and a violent clash with Foundation would likely follow.
43 Being forewarned of such a development is vitally important.
44 0054AD2D 0054AD33 Just to the east of the Crater is a small campsite that could be useful as an observation post or a sniper's nest.
45 Given that, we'd like to know if and how the Raiders are using the area.
46 0055C62E One possible area for Raider expansion is the old Black Bear Lodge, located to the Crater's southwest.
47 We'd like to see if the Raiders have made any forays to the lodge, and a photograph would be most helpful in that regard.
48 0055C62F Among their many eccentricities, Raiders are known to enjoy defacing monuments, often to serve as territorial boundary markers.
49 As such, the Colonel Kelley monument south of the Crater might attract some interest from the more creative Raiders.
50 Best if we get a fresh look at it, just to be safe.
51 0054AD2E 0054AD37 The main generator at Foundation provides power to the settlement. The Overseer wants to ensure it's in good working order.
52 A photograph of the generator will tell us everything we need to know, so that's your first target.
53 0055C62C You've met Paige, yes? The success of the Foundation settlement owes much to his steady leadership.
54 It is therefore necessary that we keep well-apprised of his condition. A photograph would serve that purpose well.
55 0055C62D As I'm sure you observed during your visit to the Foundation settlement, much of the construction there is based on wooden logs.
56 If the settlement is to thrive and grow, then the mill saw used to cut the logs must remain in good working order.
57 We'd like you to photograph the saw, so that we can ascertain its condition.
58 0054AD2F 0054AD34 Just north of Foundation, there's an old Raider watchtower that might be a useful vantage point.
59 The Overseer would like a photograph of the site, to evaluate its current condition.
60 0055C630 While many of the roads in Appalachia have fallen into disrepair, those that remain still offer the easiest path for travel through the wilds.
61 There are many old Raider outposts along the roads near Foundation that could be repurposed for trade and defense.
62 There's one such outpost, the Freak Show as it was once called, that we'd like another look at.
63 0055C631 It goes without saying that a reliable source of water is vital to the survival of any large settlement.
64 Spruce Knob Lake is fairly close to Foundation, and if the water were properly purified, could prove valuable should the settlement grow.
65 If you could provide a recent image of the lake, we'd be most grateful.
66 0054AD30 0054AD35 That's all we need for now. Good hunting, and do be careful!
67 0054AD31 0054AD32 There's always some risk involved in these photographic excursions, so do be careful. Good luck to you.
81 005500D2 005500DA Very well. I'll be waiting eagerly for those photos.
82 005500D4 005500DD Oh my! I knew the job would be risky. I suppose I should have made that more clear. Surprised, feeling a bit guilty.
83 Since you risked harm in order to help us, it would hardly be fair to let you leave empty-handed. Apologetic
84 Here, please accept these caps in gratitude for your efforts and your bravery.
85 You should come and visit again sometime. I might have a new assignment for you.
86 005500D6 005500DB What?! If I'd known you were going to do that, I'd never have asked you for help in the first place! Taken aback, angry
87 Your reward is forfeit. I'm hardly going to pay someone that can't be trusted. Annoyed
88 We have no further business, so good day. Annoyed, dismissive.
89 0055F78B Again?! Even after I specifically asked you not to do so? Well I'm clearly a fool for trusting you. Surprised and disappointed
90 It seems we've nothing more to talk about. Goodbye. Angry
91 005500D8 005500DE Very good, very good. Pleased
92 I did promise a reward, so please accept these caps in gratitude for your service.
93 00553A74 00553A8F Yes, I thought it might. Smug, proud
94 00553A78 00553A8C Here are your caps. Come and see me again, and I might have more work for you.
95 00553A79 00553A96 I can't argue with your logic, and it's true I'll want to collect more photographs in the future. Very well, I'll increase the reward.
96 00553A7B 00553A8E A fair point, and one I cannot disagree with. I'll increase the reward.
105 0055F788 0055F78D Sounds like someone's been busy. I'll buy everything for some caps.
106 0055F789 0055F78A Sounds good. I'll take what you've got and pay you caps in return. Deal? Agreeable
107 00564197 00564198 I'm sorry if that's disappointing, but our resources are hardly unlimited, you know. Indignant
108 0058F384 0058F38F The Crater settlement was built from the wreckage of an old space station that crashed to Earth not far from here.
109 The Raiders who live there are a violent group where the strongest rule, and they've claimed Appalachia as their turf.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
156 0054EF12 0054EF1A Oh so good to meet you! The Overseer has been so excited to see everyone again.
157 Once you've acquainted yourself with our new arrivals, I may have some field work for you.